Batman Beyond pre-sales photos

These are the official pre-sales photos of Batman Beyond released by Mattel.

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  • Jaime Rheyes says:

    ….I love this figure, But I am not a big fam of the way his mouth is put in.

  • Templar says:

    Or perhaps this body sculpt is more similar to the mature, longer haired & more filled-out Terry McGinnis in the JLU episode “Epilogue”?
    Then again, they did release a variant of this same body sculpt with the unmasked young short-haired version of Terry already!! Oh, well….

  • Rick says:

    No wings, no sale, Found in store and returned it.

  • Gideon says:

    Agree that body sculpt is big, but Batman (Bruce Wayne) was the original wearer of the suit,& he’s much bigger than that weasley wanna be was.

  • joe stilwell says:

    yes this is kool but if i may talk about the movie masters line for a bit id like to see a keaton batman from the first movie. or a kilmer or even a cloony batman and a batmobile from the first movie. and would love to see wonder twins at some point.. also love to see constaintine movie figures i love the dcuc line and movie masters some of the best figures to come along in a long time marvel is ok but to awkward looking i like the way these figures flow from head to toe

    • Shorty says:

      I actually had a batman from the movie with Clooney as Bruce. And the Robin from the movie with Kilmer. Lost’em years ago. it sucks. bet they’d be worth at least a few bucks these dayas.

  • Ghostkid says:

    It does’nt look right. BB is is suppose to be a teenage kid but the body sculpt looks like it belongs to an adult.

  • Will says:

    Finally, i used to watch this show all the time.

  • Juan Manuel says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent!!!!
    And it would be nice to see in Justice League Unlimited line!!!!

  • Agent Hunt says:

    at last! a very nice figure of BB! It would be nice to see an Old Bruce Wayne figure with Ace the dog

  • Silver Searcher says:

    Thank you!!!!!

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