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Toy Fans,

If you haven’t yet heard the news, the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription is going forward for 2012, with Metron as the oversized club-exclusive figure! We know many of you were bummed you missed the on-sale window and have asked us to reopen the subscriptions. We also heard you when you asked us to offer a subscription for the six MOTUC 30th Anniversary figures. I’m stoked to tell you the answers are yes and yes! Starting Friday, September 16th, you’ll have the chance to purchase subscriptions once more for DC Universe Club Infinite Earths and MOTUC Club Eternia®, plus Voltron® Club Lion Force and the all-new MOTU 30th Anniversary Series*! Here’s a roundup:


Subscription Sale Period
Friday, September 16th at 9 a.m. PT through Monday, October 3rd at 11:59 p.m. PT

Subscription Information
There are no differences between the subscriptions we previously offered and those we’ll sell starting September 16th, and the new MOTU 30th Anniversary Series subscription will operate similarly. Complete product pages will be live soon with all the specifics, but here’s a summary of each. There’s a lot of important information, so please read all the details.

DC Universe Club Infinite Earths
In 2012, DC Universe Club Infinite Earths will be the only place to get true collector 6″ character figures not available at retail, including Poison Ivy, Atrocitus, The Flash 1 and Starman. When you purchase a membership for $30, you’ll be shipped and billed for 9 monthly 6″ figures starting in April 2012 and 3 “oversized” figures (one shipped approximately each quarter, beginning with the second quarter). You’ll also receive the club-exclusive oversized figure, voted by fans to be Metron with his Mobius Chair!

As you know, this club going forward was based on reaching a certain number of subscriptions. Although our goal wasn’t achieved, we want to show our support for fans by moving ahead. In order to make the club work, we crunched the numbers and here’s what we came up with: As a benefit to membership, you’ll be locked in at the advertised subscription rates of $15 for 6″ figures and $30 for oversized figures, plus shipping/taxes/fees. Prices for figures sold outside the subscription during our monthly sales at MattyCollector.com will be $18 for 6″ figures and $45 for oversized figures. The subscription is the only way to guarantee the lower prices and get fan-favorite Metron, which will not be sold at MattyCollector.com!

MOTUC Club Eternia®
Club Eternia is going to be better than ever for 2012! Purchase a membership to Club Eternia for $20 and you’re guaranteed to receive all of the monthly Masters of the Universe® Classics figures released during the year. You’ll also receive club-exclusive Shadow Weaver (our first-ever Filmation character!) and an all-new bonus map poster of Preternia. Figures revealed to date are Sorceress® (January), Fisto™ (February) and Kobra Kahn™ (March). The multipack revealed to date is Princess of Power® Star Sisters™ (Starla™, Jewelstar™ and Tallstar™) that also includes Glory Bird.

Since we launched the MOTUC line in 2008, while costs have risen we’ve worked hard to hold prices for 6″ figures at $20 each. For 2012, prices for figures purchased through the subscription will remain as previously advertised ($20 for 6″ figures, $30-$60 each for beasts/variants/multi-packs). We’re finalizing the numbers now, but figures and other items sold outside the subscription during our monthly sales at MattyCollector.com will definitely be higher. If you don’t already have a subscription, you’ll want to get one when they’re re-opened on September 16th to lock in the 2008 pricing!

MOTU 30th Anniversary Series
By fan demand, we’re offering a subscription to the six very special figures we’ll be releasing approximately every other month in 2012 in celebration of MOTU’s 30th anniversary! Each figure will be a new character created just for the MOTUC line, including Fearless Photog (the winner of the 1985 Create a Figure Contest by Nathan Bitner) and Draego Man by the Four Horsemen. Of the remaining figures, two will be from Mattel, one from Geoff Johns (famed creative director from DC Comics), and the final figure is planned to be the winner of the current Create a Character Contest.

Because this series was created as part of the year-long anniversary celebration, we’ve been given permission from management to also offer these figures to subscribers for the 2008 price of $20 each (plus shipping/taxes/fees), but the price will be higher for figures sold outside the subscription at MattyCollector.com during our monthly sales (pricing to be announced). If you love MOTU, it’s the best way to ensure you’ll receive every one of the MOTU 30th Anniversary Series special releases at the lower price. You can get this subscription whether you have a subscription to Club Eternia or not, but purchasing both ensures you’ll receive every MOTUC figure released in 2012, plus you’ll save on shipping!

Voltron® Club Lion Force
Ready to form Voltron? Then don’t miss our Club Lion Force subscription! When you buy a membership for $15, you’ll be shipped and billed for all the official club figures as they are released during the year – a total of 5 pilot figures in 3 ¾” scale and 5 lion figures. That means you’ll own all 5 lions needed to build the epic-scale 23″ Voltron robot and all 5 pilots needed to complete the Voltron Collect and Connect® Ultra Blazing Sword. Also included is the club-exclusive figure for 2012, Sven, the original pilot of the Blue Lion!

In homage to the series and to make sure you get every figure needed to build the 23″ Voltron and Ultra Blazing Sword, each pilot will come as a set with its corresponding lion, so Keith and the Black lion will come as a set, Hunk and the Yellow lion will come as a set, etc. Prices for the pilots and lions are $50-$65 per set, whether purchased through the subscription or when they are sold on MattyCollector.com during our monthly sales (they won’t be sold separately). That means subscribers will receive paired Pilots and Lions at their doorstep, and if you choose to come to MattyCollector.com to purchase additional sets (or if you don’t have a subscription), you won’t have to go to two separate product pages and risk one or the other being sold out – a single click will be all it takes to put them both in your cart!

Remember, all subscriptions ordered by one person (same email address, credit card, address and shipping method) will ship together, with one exception: The first month that any of your subscription orders ship, subscriptions not purchased together will not ship together (estimated January for Club Eternia® and MOTU 30th Anniversary Series, February for Club Lion Force and April for DC Universe Club Infinite Earths). The second time your subscription ships (essentially the monthly renewal), all of your subscriptions will ship together to the same address (estimated February for Club Eternia, March for MOTU 30th Anniversary Series, April for Club Lion Force and May for DC Universe Club Infinite Earths). So, for example, let’s say you purchased two Club Eternia subscriptions in one transaction during the July on-sale period and two subscriptions during the September on-sale period in another transaction. When the first club figures are released in January, the figures purchased in July will ship in one package and the figures purchased in September will ship in another package. Then in February, all the figures from all four subscriptions will ship together. This only applies to subscriptions that were not purchased in the same transaction. All subscriptions that are purchased in the same transaction will ship together the first month as promised.

For those of you who are hesitant to get a subscription because you want to combine subscription figures with other items purchased during the monthly sales to save on shipping, please know that we’ve heard your requests and the team is working hard to figure out a way to do this. There’s nothing to announce yet (and no guarantees), but if you’re on the fence we encourage you to consider purchasing a subscription so you don’t miss out on the lower subscription prices. Then if we’re able to offer the combined shipping, it’s an added benefit.

One last thing… this special sale is only open from September 16th through October 3rd and the sale will absolutely, positively, we’re-not-kidding not be extended! If you want email reminders so you don’t miss this important event, please click here, and as always, I’ll post on Facebook and Twitter.


*Yes, we know Ghostbusters™ Club Ecto-1 is not reopened at this time. Updated information about Club Ecto-1 will be announced soon. We have a few additional non-subscription items we are working on so, stay tuned for more news from your favorite paranormal investigators and exterminators!

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