DCUC Power Girl Revealed at AFi

As part of their 4th year Anniversary Scoop Week, our friends at Action Figure Insider (AFi) unveils a never-before-seen DC Universe Classics figure – Power Girl.

Head on over to AFi to see all of the photos:


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  • Mark Coppock says:

    Well, I can say this to everyone:

    I WORK for Walmart and I had a terrible time getting these figures, too. The comment about the stockboys giving the figures to some scalper who’s waiting for them to open the box does NOT happen at my store. I was fortunate enough to actually get ALL of this set. I was there when the case was being stocked through a happy set of circumstances and was STOKED to get it. (Imperiex’s head, though, is waaaayyyyy too loose when you collect all of his parts, btw.) Before you say that you hate me, understand that my store received NONE of the set 5 and to this day, Metallo is missing the left arm (Eradicator), because I refuse to pay $130 for the missing figure. I feel that this figure warrants a reissue so that all of us REAL Superman fans can get the figure. I did not just want the piece to Metallo, I WANTED THE ERADICATOR FOR MY SUPERMAN COLLECTION, DAMMIT!!

    The problem here that I see is the Collect & Connect idea. It seems cool, but several of my friends have commented that they either only want the C&C, or they only want certain characters in the set and the C&C. Therefore, we are forced to get all of a crappy set to get the C&C, or we miss out on the only figures in the set that we want because some jerk is buying them all and selling them on Ebay for eighteen times what they are worth. In set nine, I only wanted Green Arrow, Black Canary, Deadshot, and Wildcat. Found all of the ones that I wanted BUT Wildcat. People complained that C&C Chemo sucked, but yet they bought all of the figures that I wanted to build a figure that they HATED!!!

    I do not like the C&C thing. If you want a cooler, bigger toy, then just sell it separately and charge a few more bucks for it. I liked Lobo (the SDCC exclusive) because I didn’t have to track down all of the parts and he is the same size as all of the others on my shelf. I LOVED Metamorpho, but HATED the 70’s version of Batman that I had to buy to build him. Geez. Mattel is WWAAAAAAYYYYYYY better than Hasbro, but for the love of God and all that is Holy, PLEASE QUIT WITH THE EXCLUSIVES AND THE C&C!!! Just make another class of figures, like Transformers has and charge a little more. It will be worth it.

    I like the idea of the reissues that they are doing that do NOT have the C&C piece. If only the mainline would go to this, it would solve a lot of problems.

    If you MUST do a C&C, PLEASE do a Doomsday or an Anti-Monitor. (We already have Darkseid on the way, though he will be really out of scale with C&C Kalibak since Kalibak is SUPPOSED to be larger than Darkseid.) Doomsday was cool in the DCSH line, but he could be cooler if he were larger. MORE DETAIL!! Anti-Monitor would be awesome as a large figure.

    FINALLY, WHY IN THE HELL IS THE SPECTRE NOT A C&C? If any figure should be large, it should be him!! Yet, they are making him in the standard six inch size. WTF??

  • jamiec11 says:

    I dont know what everybody else thinks, but i think distribution is improving? we went months without anything here but now most of wave 7 is readily available in target and EVEN walmart. maybe, just maybe mattel has been listening…heres hoping it continues..the figures just get better wave 9 and 10 look awesome..still disappointed with this years sdcc exclusive..there was so many other choices…but im sure sdcc will be the place to fill in the spacs in my dcuc collection…less than 2 months to go:)

    • John says:

      Hey I just received my Toyfare Magazine and they have a picture of the fan request winner that will be in wave 10…The Question!!!!! Looks like he will be with Power Girl and The Joker…the rest of the wave is scheduled to be announced at San Diego Comic Con next month!!!!

  • RedAl says:

    ACTUALLY. Wave10 contains Beastboy, Forager, Joker,Man-bat ,Powergirl, Robotman and Static. These were all fan demanded so I dont think it is an exclusive. And just for some more info wave 11 contains Cyborg Superman, Deadma, John Stewart, Katma Tui, Question, Shark, Steppenwolf. I want EVERY single one so i pray to God there not exclusives. Oh yea, Kilowog is the CNC in Wave 11. 3 GLs!

    • John Jones says:

      Pal, I love your optimism, but this line, the best lineup so far (“STATIC SHOCK!”), is an exclusive to wal*mart. Now, I have a walmart, but it still only has series 6. Also we only started getting them in about february…starting with series 6.

  • niko says:

    Why dont you guys just shut the f up with your whining and buy them off the Internet like everyone else? I have found every single DCUC figure I have wanted on E-Bay and this line is the best sculpted, painted line of all time, and they are worth every penny I have paid! The character selection is unbelievable, the way every toy line should be. Give me every character in the universe and then everyone will be happy, and as long as the Horsemen are sculpting I will buy ’em all. DCUC has put Marvel Legends in the grave, and thats coming from a former Legends only collector.

    • kernzo says:

      Agreed. Truer words have never been spoken, Niko. If you order s wave off eBay or other website, you usually spend on average $12-13 per figure (except for Wave 5). I’m fine with that.

      • niko says:

        Thanks Kernzo. Just to add one more thing to my comment. The fact that the figures are hard to find is also the same thing that makes our collections valuble. If every store was overflowing with them, then sure, we would all have every figure easily, but they would never be worth jacks*#t.

    • Tsar says:

      If i live in US, i won’t have any problem..

      I live in Indonesia, the non exclusive wave is just fine, i get them for $30 a pcs.. Not bad, it’s worth it..

      But, for the Walmart stuff, my source said the price will be $100 per pcs when it gets here (even when i buy it from the net), that means $500 a set, and you tell me not to whine?? Well, thank you for that…

      • niko says:

        Sorry Tsar, my comment was for people in the U.S. In your situation I feel for you buddy and I dont have a solution for you. You are free to whine at will.

        • Tsar says:

          Never mind Nik,i guess i was just frustrated because i can’t find wave 5 in my country yet.. If i live in US, i would definitely agree with you.

          Dang, i hope i was born in US, it’s a heaven for every collectors 😀

  • Video killed the radio star, and exclusive toys will eventually kill this line for me if they keep it up. The toys are amazingly great, but I HATE exclusives, and not being able to keep up a toy line. The distribution should be better. Wave 5 was missed on the first day, and never reshipped. Thanks to Matty and Wal-Mart for that one. Zan & Jayna & Gleek? That desision was so very wrong, too.

    I love ’em, but I am starting not to like the problems they are creating for themselves.

  • guy says:

    Seriously whats the point in having these figures. noone will ever see them. their production and distribution sucks. They are never on shelves in TRU,target or walmart. Mattel has alwasy been a shody toy company all the way back to the their cheap production of He-man toys.

  • Gideon says:

    No one has learned yet- if you keep buying these things at any price, thats what youre going to get. Mattel needs a hard financial lesson for the incompetent way they’ve handled this line ( and no slam to the sculpts, they are fantastic). I keep waiting for Martian Manhunter, but considering the shabby treatment we’ve already seen, why bother. I say again, CALL Mattel, and let them know how you feel, along with every action figure mag you can find. Then DONT pay over $10.00 for these things.

    • jamesc11 says:

      Finding these figures is frustrating for sure but they are fantastic…the line really is awesome and as long as it stays that way i remain interested. im hoping for the creeper, nemesis, ras al ghul, talia and huntress soon. Ebay is the only financial winner so far with these figures..i have no idea how much my collection has cost so far but mine average well over $10 each.it would be great if mattel stepped up their distribution .

  • V says:

    Her boobs are too small.

  • mako says:

    Guys, dial it back a little. Your throwing fits over this sucker being an exclusive when there is NO evidence to back that up. No one knows where she’ll be released. For all we know, Mattel hasn’t even decided yet!

    The only facts known so far are that Mattel has revealed a nice surprise in the form of a figure that, for me at least, holds a very high spot on my short-list.

    • Lightsource says:

      Sorry dude, but they’re all right to worry. Dyna-girl here, er Powergirl, is in the Walmart exclusive Wave 10 along with Joker, Manbat, Forager, & Sinestro Corp Cyborg Superman — all great characters that unless my local walmarts within 300 miles decide to even carry the line at all, I will miss out on. They might as well call these “Walmart” exclusives what they really are: Ebay exclusives!- only triple the price!

      • Jon says:

        Manbat and the Joker?! You have got to be kidding me! First,they make folks pay through he nose for the grey Manbat at the San Diego con and now they get to pay just as much to ebay. And some of have been waiting since the DC Supheroes S3 series for a new Joker – looks like we’ll be lucky to get one for less than forty bucks.

        Mattel- this is not the way to make friends.

      • John Jones says:

        Wait just a darn-tootin second. Seeing is believeing mein freund, and I would like to see some proof. This is the internet here, we can’t take your word for it.

    • MAELSTROM says:

      Doesn’t matter whether it’s an exclusive or not…I’m betting these will still be hard to find.

  • Norge says:

    I do not trust Wal-Mart to carry this wave, or any exclusive wave or figure. I think Mattel is making a mistake to make a figure exclusive. Sure it is valuable to the collector, but in day and age when ALOT of people want a figure, it makes more sense to SELL SELL SELL more units and make more money at Mattel.


    Having an exclusive figure only serves to fuel online sellers and comic shops that will no doubt pay the stock boy at the local retailer to open the boxes for them before they even hit the pegs. For myself, I want to inspect paint apps on a figure before I buy it, so no online store sees my business. I buy at the retail store, and I expect a certain amount of loyalty from Mattel and DCUC to not damage that customer/business relation. True fan desire makes a line like DCUC possible, so hint-hint -> appeal to the fans desire.

    Regarding Collect and Connects -> If I find a figure on the peg that I don’t particularly want, but know he contains a piece to a C&C that I want, I will probably buy him. That is unless he is the only figure I see at the store, which will make me contemplate that he is the only figure from the wave I will ever see – so what is the point of trying to collect and connect? It is an all-or-nothing thing guys. Fans like me will want to collect a whole series or wave. If you make it hard for us to collect, connect, enjoy your product – then you will have made casual buyers out of dedicated FANatics.

    Something to think about. Thank you for reading.

  • Jaime Rheyes says:

    I really have no urge to go hunt this STUPID EXCLUSIVE down….

  • RedAl says:

    Ok fair enough “a wal mart exclusive wouldn’t be bad if they actually sold it”. WELL IT WOULD! You Americans (see i put a capital letter) find it hard enough as it is…I’m from England I stand no chance AT ALL at getting them. Unless they make it exclusive to a shop in England as well as the US…

  • Jon says:

    This is a great place for these ‘rants’ because we all get to share the experience and count our numbers – and this site in particular seems to be doing very well.
    I’m certain Matty and, who is it, Toy Guru? (my apologies if I got that wrong) are listening here.

    I’ll tell you what I’ve noticed shopping at four Targets, four Wal-Marts and three TRU’s locally in western Suffolk County, Long Island, NY:

    Wal-mart seems to receive a maximum of about one case (and only of wave seven, thus far) in only half the stores, the others get nothing. When I did finally find a Flash there, his face was all dented in and I left him where I found him.

    Target is in a major slump lately and I haven’t seen product in over a month of any wave – some wave 4’s turned up in two stores outside the ones I shop.

    And TRU, though they missed wave 6 entirely, do actually have about a case a week for three or four weeks, all of which sell. I have to stake out the store to get anything.

    So, who’s brown polka-dotted, yellow butt should Mattel be kissing instead of allowing Wal-Mart to bully them into exclusives?

    And, according to the “Frontline” tv special a couple of years ago on PBS, that is exactly what they do.
    They threaten they won’t carry any of the item (socks, toothbrushes, cds, whatever) unless they get an exclusive version at a predetermined price of their choosing – and then under-order anyway.
    That’s what has driven much manufacturing away from our shores and to Asia.

    Who needs this bs? C’mon, Mattel! Stand up for people who care. The six inch superhero figure phenomenon is an adult indulgence – the kiddies aren’t buying, and how could they? they can’t find the stuff anyhow!
    God knows it’s tough enough for me, and I don’t have to wait for my allowance or my mom to take me shopping.

    Accept the fact that your fan-base for DC Universe Classics are adults and let us hand you the cash. I’m begging you – take my money!
    Just stop jerking me around.

  • MAELSTROM says:

    She looks great……

    The question is……


    I have a suggestion for MATTEL…

    STAY THE **** AWAY FROM DOING EXCLUSIVES!…All that does is make it harder for people to collect these things. I love this line, but I’ve about had it with the lack of accessibility of these figures. It’s a ROYAL PAIN IN THE A$$ trying to track down them down.

    I’m tired of MATTEL’s greedy tricks, production woes, and the total lack of dependable distribution. I’m also tired of wasting time and extra gas money looking around for these figures.

  • If it’s going to be the case that PG and a few other really cool characters are gonna be part of another Wal-Mart exclusive line then we really need to find a way to contact someone at Matty let thme know that shits for the birds. Most of the early lines came and went before I even knew they were available, and I would have loved to have gotten an Atom and a Black Lightening had I;
    A. Known they were available and,
    B. Were actually available for more than a week at some obscure locations somewhere in the country.

    This crap has got to stop. If they are going exclusive with Wal-Mart they should at least find a way to make certain quantities available online so those of us who arent lucky enough to hit one of these piece of shit stores on exactly the right day and exactly the right time might have a chance of getting this wave without having to pay almost $300 dollars to some Ebay’er for them.

    And re-release those exclusive figures. I can live without getting a Metallo as long as I can get my hands on the others. Wal-mart isn’t your friend, Matty. We’re your friends!

    • Jon says:

      Effin’ A, man. Do they want to make money or not?
      You don’t earn by making these toys as difficult to find as humanly possible. Then they’ll cry that the line isn’t doing well…

      Four Wal-Marts in my area never even received Wave 5.

      Why do I have to stress over this and waste gas money?

      • brian says:

        A Wal-Mart exclusive wouldn’t be a bad idea if Wal-Mart simply sold the product. Here’s a little statistic for Matell: I’ve searched more than 20 Wal-Mart stores in a FIVE HUNDRED MILE stretch across Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin and have NEVER seen DC Universe Classics figures available at a single Wal-Mart. No exclusive waves. No ANY waves.

  • Templar says:

    Again, fanboys will be all over her, that’s for sure!! However,from what I’ve read & heard, she’ll be part of Wave 10 – YET ANOTHER bloody WAL-MART exclusive wave ???? Other rumored figures in this wave were supposedly the Joker, black-and-gray Batman, Infinity-Man, Man-Bat, BAF Doomsday?? Guess will be hearing about the confirmed line-up soon enough……Still, I don’t get Wal-Mart exclusivity every 5 waves going on here ??????

    • Caesar says:

      A Wal-Mart exclusive??
      Omigod… I’m crossing my fingers now…
      Matty, please don’t make another Walmart exclusive, there’s no Walmart in my country :[

  • Caesar says:

    Whoo hoo, a beaut…

    This wave is definitely has a good prospect, i hope Mattel keep making this wave for the next 20 years which means hundreds of DC characters…

    I see that the quality of this wave is gettin’ better, Matty please keep it up, and i will always be your loyal fans 😀

  • Jon says:

    The Four Horsemen continue to astonish.
    It’s a pity they work for a bunch of incompetent boobs like Mattel.

    • John Jones says:

      speaking of boobs…
      just kidding. this is SICK. its AMAZING. WORDS cannot describe the awesomeness of this figure unless those words include FANTASTIC, and STUPENDOUS.

  • Jaime Rheyes says:

    I just saw her on JLU!

  • douglashawk says:

    AWESOME!!! …but I was hoping for a Zatanna first.

    • ChristiaNYC says:

      I have to agree with everyone else. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Mattel DCUC figures and I HATE HATE HATE Exclusives. We need to be heard!!! I have almost all of the figures. I mean I had stopped collecting DCD figures because I think Mattel got the figures right. And I also love the uniformed scale they all seem to share. Great for building a universe.

      So Please Matty NO MORE EXCLUSIVES!! Make it easier for use to give you our hard earned money!! I want that Powergirl!!

    • ChristiaNYC says:

      I am dying to get a Perez Zatanna. I think we will get one before DCD does for some reason. DCD Is making the History of the DCU A Perez Line but I am not loving the figures to be honest. Thank God Mattel is doing DC Characters

  • What? Where? What wave? Want, want WANT!

  • Vincent McLean says:

    Ohh… that’s just beautiful. I… I can’t even express how glad this figure makes me. I had no doubt I’d see a Power Girl figure from Mattel before the line inevitably dies (like all toys lines eventually do), but I had no idea it would be so soon and look so good. Don’t change a thing; she’s perfect!

    Please, though, Mattel, please give us more JSA figures to go along with her! Distribution aside, this is easily the most promising line I’ve collected in years. Please continue with the amazing work!

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