Mattel Reveals future DCUC figures at NYCC 2008

During their panel at the recently concluded New York Comic Con, Mattel announced their upcoming DC Universe Classics action figures.

Wave 4

Wave 4 is targeted to be on store shelves by Summer 2008. This wave features Cyborg, Batman Beyond, Captain Atom, Wonder Woman, Ares and C&C Despero (measuring 8½ inches tall).

Wave 4 Variants

Captain Atom and Wonder Woman will have variants.

Bonus Wave

Mattel also announced a “bonus wave” which will be available only through Wal*Mart in August 2008. This “bonus” 5th wave will see The Atom, Amazo, The Riddler, Eradicator, Black Lightning and C&C Metallo which looks extremely wicked.



DCUC 2-packs will be available also in August 2008 via Toys R Us. These 2-packs will boast all-new figures, redecos, and fan demanded re-releases. Wave 1 sees an Azrael plus Batgirl set and Orion (with removable helmet) plus Lightray (an all-new figure) set.


SDCC Exclusive

And this year’s San Diego Comic Con Exclusive is none other than Lobo and his trusty Dog. The set will sell for $20 at the Mattel booth during the convention.

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  • Jason says:

    I agree with whoever it was that said you can’t find them anywhere. The only retail store I have seen them in is Target and Toys R Us, with only a single Wonder Woman available at the Toys R Us I was at. Target was out, but at least they had two pegs for them. I have been in 6 different Wal Marts since these came out and have NEVER seen them, not even a spot for them.

  • I really love these action figures but they are so damn hard to find. I started a review blog on my collection of both DC Universe Classics and DC Superheroes toys from Mattel.

  • Shanks says:

    Maybe we should all just exchange info and put together check lists. If someone finds a figure for someone else, we agree to ship the figures at cost and not scalp each other.

    email me if you think it might be possible.

    God knows I am going to hate shelling out cash for the Lobo fig.

  • matt says:

    @ VinMan…

    Totally agree with Mattel’s distribution. Have spent far too much of the last year popping in and out of Targets and TRUs here in Michigan looking for JLU figs. That said, I was in NYC in April for the Comicon and while there dropped into TRU in Times Square and saw a bunch of the Series 2 figures. Man do I wish I’d have bought that Firestorm. Wish I’d have come across this post earlier…

    Good luck hunting…

  • joe stilwell says:

    hello again heres another idea. what about a general zod and ursala and tha big dumb guy or nuclear man from superman 4 or a kevin spacey lex luther or a death of superman figure with a taterd cape and ripped suit or a batman figure made after tha first batman movie the ideas are endless

  • joe stilwell says:

    form of dc universe wonder twins!! where is the wonder twins action figures? in stead of another batgirl or azreal do a 2 pack of the wonder twins with tha monkey and maybe a bucket of water and a bird or sumthing. now that would be nice maybe make it a mail in set like the old mail in clark kent i think fans would love it

  • Agent Hunt says:

    im a collector from Mexico,im really very happy with this line,and it would be great if Mattel stop doing “exclusives” lines,like the Walmart line,cause that makes figures almost impossible to buy,and when you find them they are very expensive…please Mattel,think about loyal fans of this line!!

  • will says:

    Mattel and 4H. The whole entire series is great and looking forward to many more waves. The Walmart wave is excellent and good choices and wow finally we will see a modern figure but not as a variant or chase, Black Lightning. I would like to point out that Atom is missing the atom symbol on his belt and if you look into any Atom archives or older comics. The atom symbol is there. This would be a quick fix and would cost next to none.

  • Kirk P says:

    Hawkman’s in wave #6

  • Miko says:

    if you wanna rehash, focus on the crap that was release under the old batman line like bane, scarecrow, killer croc etc… they would look awesome designed with the new sculpt. killer croc could be the collect & connect, bane as well. think people think!!! up here in canada, we missed out on lex luthor, braniac, darkseid due to distribution issues.

  • Miko says:

    yes! where is the flash? how about hawkman, martian manhunter, a new joker and all the other cool characters that got lost in the dc/mattel distribution void! plenty of room to mix up the popular with the not so popular.

  • Kirk P says:

    My biggest wish is that they do a blue/white costumed Perez Zatanna figure before I die.

    I agree Mattel rules! I also look forward to an Adam Hughes Fire and Ice two-pack, an armored Zauriel, Mike Grell’s Warlord, Captain Comet, Flash and Martian Manhunter in the future. But Perez Zatanna tops my list.

  • Pat says:

    Where is the Flash?



  • Lee in MI says:

    Joe S

    Please use some periods…and I think the variety in the line is awesome! Black Lightning and Amazo are characters that show Mattels commitment to the DC “Universe”.

    I repeat what others have said, retail exclusives are bad especially since Mattel still hasn’t proved that they have this distribution thing down yet. Even Hasbro with all their experience and skill at it has been terrible at getting store exclusives to the fans when it comes to Wal-Mart. Sure they buy more cases than other retailers, but they have a ton more stores so that means the butter is spread thinner, so to speak. Only a few cases per store… Mattel, please make these waves available to collectors online or to the online retailers!!!!!!

  • joe stilwell says:

    who runs tha figure chioces whats up with rehashing figures i mean a 2 pack with orion and bat girl give us sumething we havent seen or at least different colors and i agree with every one else wal marts around tha world just arent re uping there stock like they should same ol same ol from week to week and also what about a brainiac or superboy modeled after teen titians or flash i mean who really wants a black lighting or a half naked amazo but either way make figures like aqua man and others more avable to everyone we keep you guys in bizzness think of us for a change its hard to have tha gas and money to hunt down the popular onse when people who work at tha stors keep them for them selfves cause theres only one per box or what ever i dont think its to much to ask for a little bit more avablity from tha company our money keeps you going

  • joe stilwell says:

    love tha dc universe but i hear mattels going up on prices how about makeing more of these lines avable to us the consumer put figures in more stors and make varients more avalable it only makes sence more choich more stors leds to more profits and also get better at shipping out item to stors even hobby shops instead of makein us tha fans pay more

  • rafa says:

    Gotta say I was blindsidied by artemis I love her and want her I hope she is 50/50 pack I’m sure Mattel said that if the variant were to be a different chacter it would be 50/50. I hope this is still the case as she looks just as wonderful as WW.

    I love all the figures!

    I hate store exclusives espically Wal mart I have one here in Los Angeles and their inventory is the worst. I would hope Mattel can at least put that wave on there website.

  • VinMan says:

    Love, love, LOVE the figures! Everything looks great. Where to find them?? I live in NYC and still have yet to so much as sniff Wave 2. The biggest TOYS R US in the world is here in the city and they do not have it yet. What is wrong with Mattel?? Are they not in this to make money. Love the figures, but not looking forward to Mattels terrible distribution…

  • Regwec says:

    These are probably the best collectable products for the DC license that have ever been made.

    I have never, however, seen a single one on open sale in the UK. I suppose that this wave’s status as an ‘exclusive’ just means that it is less likely to appear on the secondary market, either?

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  • Man-Bat1 says:

    Horsemen..LOVE THE LINE.Been on board
    since Wave 1 of DCSH’s.Its great that
    the character selection is wide open.
    Very Happy about everything BUT,
    I’ve never even SEEN Wave1 in retail around Southern,MD. yet..& now your
    talking WAL-MART & Toys R Us EXCLUSIVES????
    NO ONE CAN FIND??? You do not make anything on the secondary market.Why
    SUPPORT the EVIL SCALPERS??????????
    These HAVE GOT to be available by the case online.Only way many of us will
    ever see them……….

  • Heatwave says:

    Hmm. I wonder if Toys R Us Asia will be carrying the two packs?

    This is great news and all but I really hope the Wal*Mart and TRU Waves make it to an Asia distributor as well,

  • Nemar says:

    Love the figures but like the previous post I am upset with the variants and the Wal-Mart exclusives. I am not interested in the hunt, too many collectors, to many people hunting, need to order mine online and store exclusives are too much. The figures are great though.

  • Skullder says:

    I’m really happy about the figure choices, great job Mattel and 4H! But hunting down those exclusives, especially an entire wave (no Wal-Mart near where I live) is going to be pricey 🙁

  • jon zipkin says:

    I love the figures – hate exclusives. Prepare to shell out on eBay or arrive at opening everyday at Wal-Mart (I thought they didn’t want the line? And all my local stores stink). Either way this is going to be very expensive and I’m not happy.

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