Captain Marvel – SHAZAM!

Captain Marvel is probably one of the most sought-after characters by fanboys to be made into a 6-inch action figure. Mattel and the 4 Horsemen come through to give us the Big Red Cheese.

Photos by‘s Daniel Pickett a.k.a. Julius Marx.

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  • JMA says:

    Just got him to complete Kalibak I love Alex Ross rendition a lot.

  • RedAl says:

    What? This figures great? Hes a child if you remember rightly so sure hes gonna have a “goofy smile”

  • Chris says:

    I agree with everyone else…not as good as I thought it be.

    Goofy smile…sheesh…ruined this figure for me.

  • Garrett says:

    I think this figure looks good. There’s already enough Ross versions out there, so please DON’T base it on his art.

  • Lady Jaye says:

    I was hoping for a Shazam figure to be squinting or at least have his eyes shut a but more!! He’s too bright eyed and just not what I’m used to in a Shazam!! And while I know he’s the most jovial of the DC roster, I was hoping for a more neutral facial expression!! Come on Four Horsemen, do a more classic or Alex Ross version of Shazam!!

  • electri says:

    mmm not as good as i was expecting but I am so buying this series

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