Dr. Fate (modern version) pre-sales photo

This is the official pre-sales photo of Dr. Fate (modern version) released by Mattel.

This Dr. Fate version is a chase figure.


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  • Nathaniel says:

    Got it, and man are those gloves tacky. What a mismatch. Might return if I can trade it for a pure yellow one (ah, who am I kidding?)

    • Templar says:

      I read somewhere that Mattel might re-issue this figure with all metallic gold paint job on all his yellow parts – so imagine his gloves as also metallic ……or so they say! Don’t know about his cape, though…..

  • Jaime Rheyes says:

    Um….Yeah, the gold and yellow….Not the best color’s together…

  • Templar says:

    If the factory can churn out a fantastic BOOSTER GOLD figure with a great all-over metallic paint job, I think they can do the same metallic shade on Dr. Fate’s gloves, at least……

    • Templar says:

      Ah, well…….just saw some pics of this figure released in the Philippines & Hong Kong already – and they’re sticking with them yellow gloves………bummer………

  • abraxazzz says:

    Please no yellow mixed with gold on dr fate it looks awful

  • Emerald says:

    A Couple of the Marvel Legends used a gold-yellow mix (eg. Phoenix) and that worked really well. On Shazam the yellow/gold thing worked alright, but on Dr.Fate here?…..nada.

  • muppethost says:

    I wish toy companies wouldn’t mix and match the gold and the yellow. If you are using yellow to represent gold, then I can accept that. But if you are using actual gold paint, then make his gloves and cape gold too. That’s just my 2 cents…

  • joe stilwell says:

    This would look better if the gloves were gold as well

  • Misosazai says:

    I heard the modern version is the variant & how hot is this modern version? What does variant mean with this line though. The Captain Atom variants seemed to be available in equal quantities at retail. I think Mattel has more than one approach to production of these variants. I hope they avoid chase figures as much as possible. They frustrate me, and many of us end up having to pay way above retail on the aftermarket.

    • D. Jan Hermes says:

      Well we won’t end up paying double I think cause down here at Hong Kong I got my Modern Dr. Fate, hes not much rare more like the classic is rare also I found Hawkgirl, 2 Paredemons, Gentlemen Ghost only but my local retailer got it early because Hong Kong is just down China, and China would ship it earlier for us =) I am happy of it and like the translucent spell accessories. but I have a few problems with the figure. Its not as light as the gold is on this picture =( and the cape makes the abdominal crunch, I’ll probably get Classic version and not open it.
      I believe its more rare due to the fact that the guy was the best Dr. Fate I think.

  • Lightsource says:

    Every website preordering this figure shows the classic costume as the variant. So which is it really?

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