Hawkman – loose photos

Here are some photos of Hawkman out of the packaging, courtesy of Lawrence Vollano.

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  • Templar says:

    Almost didn’t get him at all …..never liked his lack-of-shirt get-up, nor his Christmas colors…….Actually, I got him just to complete Kalibak. Boy, was I sooooooo wrong about my initial conceptions on this figure – the detailed quality really blew me away! Even the nicks / worn detail on his weapons & shield are great touches. His innovative wingspan alone is worth it! Highly recommended, get this figure while you still can – kudos again to 4H / Mattel on this guy!

  • guy says:

    This is the best figure ever!! he is the most striking in detail and just plain coolness. hes worth any price. the detail is amazing. the veins on his muscles and even fingernails. he looks like he can kick superman around. hes packed with accessories. awesome physique. so sad when an action figure has better lats then me 🙁

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