Dr. Impossible – loose photos

Here are some photos of Dr. Impossible out of the packaging, courtesy of Lawrence Vollano.

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  • John Jones says:

    Thought he was supposed to be chase but my wal mart has ONLY had about A MILLION of him since FEBRUARY. They had the Ocean Camo Aquaman once, and that’s all I saw of that series. I was in Annapolis and found Captain Cold, and that;s all that wal mart had. Sigh. I’ll never get The Joker.

  • guy says:

    saw him last night, passed on getting him. he came with nothing. a cheapy toy made to get collectors into a frenzy.

  • Templar says:

    Got this guy last night…….the actual purple rendering isn’t as sharp as the one in the pics above…..Still, the character design is intriguing enough………

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