Gentleman Ghost pre-sales photo

This is the official pre-sales photo of Gentleman Ghost released by Mattel.


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  • Ian says:

    Very cool

  • Jon says:

    I haven’t had anything nice to say in a while, but I just receievd this figure and, though I’m not crazy about the character, it’s the nicest thing the Four Horsemen have done and the best value Mattel has offered for a single figure.
    I LOVE the mini Atom – what a nice surprise! It’s going to pain me to remove him from the package – I may need another, or two.

  • TheFlashIII says:

    It’s worth paying extra for no head. This is a really cool figure; the bottom part of the legs and his cape are translucent, so he looks like he’s dissolving before your eyes. Mine does have loose hip joints, so I have to pose his legs close together–fortunately they look best that way.

  • Templar says:

    Really nice gimmick on the floating monocle & top hat! BUT the burning question would be if we’ll be paying as much for a faceless figure that’s basically headless ??? Stranger things have happened, eh ???

    • Templar says:

      Actually saw some released pics of this figure’s packaging – and the CNC part included will be Giganta’s head (plus a mini ATOM figure)! Clever touch – what better way to justify buying a headless figure in the first place, eh?

  • muppethost says:

    With JLU and Batman: Brave & the Bold, we are going to get 3 Gentleman Ghost figures in one year! 2008 was Lightray’s year (JLU/DC Direct/DCUC), and now 2009 belongs to the Ghost. Nice!

  • J-Dub says:

    Anyone see a problem with his leg joints? He doesn’t have the extra joints up in his thighs that the DCU Classics figures have that make them so posable.

    Hopefully I’m just overlooking it. If his legs just move straight forward I’d be kinda bummed.

  • Bangs says:

    this is truly a great figure. I from here, i can see Joker, though I can obly see Ra’s if you’re going for thsi Particular look. We could get this one, or him minus a shirt with two swords and the green pants like a ninja. Honestly I can’t say I want an Alfred action figure…

  • Lightsource says:

    Not only a buck for Joker, though….. Phantom Stranger, Uncle Sam, Ra’s A Ghul, and hell, even an Alfred! Talk about getting the most out of your tooling costs!

  • David X says:

    The DC Superheroes joker with the orange pants is laughable.

    Using this body for a new joker is a no-brainer. it’s just gotta happen!

  • spilldog says:

    I agree! Add a little purple and green paint and a decent head sculpt and you’ve got an awesome Joker figure! I just hope they don’t goof this one up the way they did that pathetic Joker figure in the old DC Superheroes line!

  • Gmamon says:

    Im 99% sure this is going to be the jokers body buck when they do him. Its perfect for him to hold a “BANG” gun.

  • Will says:

    Great looking figure. gotta love the way the monocle and hat look like they’re floating. I think the thing in his right hand would be a gentlmanly walking cane of sorts.

  • RedAl says:

    Whats that in his right hand?

  • douglashawk says:

    I really like Gentleman Ghost but for a Hawkwoman villain I wish they had gone for Matter Master. If you do not know GG, he actually has allied himself with the Hawks and he actually protected an unconscious Katar while Shayera went to fight Lionmane.

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