Giganta pre-sales photo

This is the official pre-sales photo of Giganta released by Mattel.

Giganta comes as a “Collect and Connect” figure and can only be obtained by purchasing all of the Wave 8 characters.


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  • H Juan López Luis says:

    La baf de “Giganta” es la peor figura que ha sacado a la venta la línea DC Universe.

  • TheFlashIII says:

    I didn’t have any pegging problems or loose joints. Mattel’s expertise with Barbie really helped out on this one; her head is even made of soft plastic. A very cool C&C–all hail the Legion of Doom!

  • Is anyone else having problems with her arms pegging in? Mine don’t fit at all.

  • ted kord....THE BLUE BETTLE says:



  • TheFlashIII says:

    If they’re doing a Legion of Doom/Super Friends thing, then I want Apache Chief as a build-a-figure to go toe-to-toe with Giganta. And Black Vulcan too!

    • Oscar says:

      I agree with you, they need to make an apache chief build-a-figure. not only because he’s giganta’s nemesis, because he also was an oversized character. black vulcan would look good for this line-up also. but don’t you think samurai, el dorado and rima the jungle girl would look good for this line-up?

  • muppethost says:

    AND her “accesory” is a tiny Atom. Now THAT’S cool!

  • Traveller says:

    Can’t wait for this entire wave. Some really fun character picks and no Bat family or variations of the Big 3 in sight which I always see as a plus! On a related note, I’d like to see a 13″ DC Direct deluxe version of Giganta released some day. It’d be great to have finally have a character that actually lives up to that size class.

  • douglashawk says:

    I believe she is supposed to be 10 inches like Atom Smasher is supposed to be. If she has the lower thigh joint she will look like a double amputee just like Wonder Woman does. I still want her though because I fear villainesses are going to be few and far between what with all the heroines out there. Black Canary, Zatanna, Vixen, Power Girl, Fire, Ice, Huntress will probably all be released before we get a Killer Frost or a Star Sapphire. I do have hopes for Cheetah though, since they seem to be building the Legion of Doom from the old cartoon.

  • Spilldog says:

    There are 7 figures in this wave (DCUC waves usually have only 5 figures), so I’m curious how the parts of Giganta will be divided up and what parts will go with what figures? Apparently the head and torso will be separate and the torso itself looks like it may come in two parts.

    Regardless, I’m loving this build-a-figure!!

  • Misosazai says:

    Look at the sculpting detail in the hair & toes. These guys are brilliant, and this is the best action figure line going. I wonder how tall she’ll be. I love this line, but could stand to see some bigger build a figures as with the Marvel Legends line from Toybiz, but I’m also OK with smaller ones like the Metamorpho BaF from series 1 to give us some more obscure characters as a bonus that might not sell that well on their own.

  • David X says:

    This is one of the finest figures i’ve ever seen for DC. Like, this Giganta will be one of the things DCUC is remembered for. i simply cannot wait to put this on my shelf!

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