Mantis (comic book version) pre-sales photos

Official pre-sales photos of Mantis (comic book version) from Mattel.

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  • Nathaniel says:

    Darkseid is the CnC for Wave 12. I don’t know what is going on with that crazy hand of his, though.

    Mantis is one of Darkseid’s guys. The original is pure Jack Kirby goodness, captured in figure form. I prefer the Super Powers version, though.

  • ted kord....THE BLUE BETTLE says:

    I have no clue who this guy is but he looks cool!!!!!!

  • RedAl says:

    ” I hope the Collect and connect figure will be darkseid” What the hell? Are you completley oblivious? Do you see Darkseid anywhere? CHEMO IS THE CNC! Jesus…

    • Templar says:

      Sorry for the oversight & typo, RedAl – AND KEEP YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE DOWN, chief !!! Actually, what I meant was I HOPED or WISHED the CNC figure in this wave (or any future wave for that matter) was Darkseid. Obviously, I just didn’t care too much for Chemo, but I won’t discount the possibility of changing my opinion about the big guy later…….

      • Caesar says:

        It’s a great idea..
        And i think the DCSH Darkseid is too small..
        Maybe 4Hmen can make a CnC Darkseid figures with a glowing eyes feature or something like that..

        What do you guys think ?? 😀

        • Templar says:

          Oh, I’m sure Mattel / 4H has him on the works down the line. With scale in mind, the Darkseid figure has to be a tad taller than the Kalibak CNC. Imagine if all the 6.5 inch figures in the DCUC line were actually 6 foot plus in real life, then Darkseid at 8 foot 9 inches should be close to a 9 inch equivalent figure. I was gonna compare the Mongul figure from the 2-pack DCUC has with Cyborg Superman, but I found his size a bit underwhelming for his character also , at 7 1/4 inches. I’m all for battery operated glowing Omega Beams coming out of his eyes! Let’s wait and see, then………

  • Templar says:

    Nice colors……it would do Jack “The KING” Kirby proud!! Hmmmmm, I hope the collect & connect figure of this wave will be Darkseid himself! DCUC is already doing a great job representing the New Gods,
    keep it up guys!!

  • Michael says:

    The prototype pictured at NYCC looked like it had pegs on the top corners of the “wings”.

  • Captain Zero says:

    Great looking Mantis.!! His look makes at least two of us happy. Darkseid and me!!
    He’ll be a great addition to THE NEW GODS COLLECTION OF THE DCUC!!
    GREAT job!!

  • Caesar says:

    I hope the cape is flexible, so that we can move his hand freely..

    • John Jones says:

      I concurr. What’s the point of wither having his arms up in the air all of the time, or having these (in the comics) flexible wings just permanently stuck in a gliding setting.

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