Mantis (Super Powers version) photo from NYCC 2009

This photo of Mantis (Super Powers version) was taken at the Mattel booth during the recent New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2009.

Photo courtesy of Jason Geyer (a.k.a. ToyOtter) of

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  • Traveller says:

    Thought this was the best figure in the line next to Black Adam and Guardian.

  • Emerald says:

    …Because, dear Eric some of us appreciate the homage to Super Powers! If it helps Kirby actually did design this “updated” version for Kenner’s Super Powers and accompanying comics. And guess what, it’s a variant so you don’t have to buy it to build your Gassy-green Chemo!

  • Eric says:

    So…uh, why are we taking a semi-obscure character, and then making an entirely new body for him to homage an obscure form for said obscure character?

    I mean, I can’t knock the effort that obviously went into the figure, but it seems rather odd.

  • ApimpnamedSlickback says:

    Love the Super Powers homage!! Keep ’em coming! Gotta ask, what’s up with the “armor plate” look?

  • JMA says:

    Looks like a cheap chunk of plastic. Why bother making this version now when there is a lot of cooler characters that never have been done before?

  • This looks cool. I had this as a kid and although I didn’t know the character from the books it was very detail for the time and his pinchers were ideal fr shocking other characters during play-fighting.

  • Caesar says:

    True, i thought this was a Parademon, bcause i don’t really know ths Mantis character..
    Maybe i can make him a general for my Parademon army.. 😀

  • Vincent McLean says:

    Looks more like a cyborg Parademon.

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