METAMORPHO action photos

These photos of Metamorpho were taken by Goldrich Castillo from his own collection.

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  • I had the same leg problem, but with a little adjustment, it is not perfect. This figure is an odd choice for the first of the collect and build figures, but it is worth it. A modern Metamorpho! No complaints here. Great look, great accessories.

  • Will says:

    Looks great, just need Batman and i’ll have that arm. and yes. If i move the mud leg, it comes right off and it can’t go straight because the things are mismatched, but i’m coping

  • James Collins says:

    this figure is great, i own it, but im having problems keeping the legs on, is anyone else having that problem

  • electri says:

    You have done exellant work Goldrich Castillo in getting these great photo’s

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