Mary Marvel – regular version

Mary Batson a.k.a. Mary Marvel is almost an entirely new female sculpt.

One minor downside to this figure is the skirt which restricts leg articulation.

This figure is approximately 6″ tall.

There is a variant of Mary Marvel on which she wears her white costume.
Click here to see the variant.

Photos and figure details by Steve Ceragioli.


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  • Captain Zero says:

    Yes, we needed Mary Marvel… and I’m still looking for that Captain Marvel, Jr.!!
    I always loved the Marvel Family.!! The three of them flying together was always CLASSIC, as far as I was concerned.

    The Red Crusher would be nice about now, too!!

  • 3Dean says:

    Just wanted to add that there are two different red versions of Mary Marvel. One is dark red (as pictured) and another is a bright red that matches Captain Marvel more. I noticed this when I was arranging my display this weekend. Probably a “running change” but pretty need and in my opinion, noteworthy. 🙂

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