Martian Manhunter – pre-sales photo


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  • affonso carrasco says:

    Two reasons make me sad about this toy line. First is straight to the figure, the green color applyed is very light, almost lime green.
    Second, hurts the whole series, the scale, this series is almost 7″.

  • affonso carrasco says:

    I agree completely with you, JON.
    I will be very happy with Sgt. Rock and Shinning Knight.
    But for this year, Martian Man Hunter, Riddler, Jonah Hex, Guy Gardner, Creeper, is enough.

  • Jon says:

    The heart and soul of the JLA – at last! And worth the wait.
    Love the green nipples, excellent use of the Hawkwman sculpt – I don’t mind re-use just so long as it’s done sensibly and well like this.
    Hasbro, are you listening?

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