Starman (Classic) – pre-sales photo


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  • Captain Zero says:

    STARMAN looks so great!! Very heroic …very Golden Age heroic!!
    Geeeesh!! Our JSA is really building. From Doctor Fate to The Spectre, …to Green Lantern and Hourman!! Yikes.!! Just Wonderful!!

    And yes, we are waiting with baited breath for Jay Garrick-The Flash, The Atom, SANDMAN in his original costume and the Joe Simon-Jack Kirby SANDMAN and SANDY, WONDER WOMAN, BLACK CANARY, a G.A.HAWKMAN with a Joe Kubert Hawk-headpiece and another with a yellow hood, MR. TERRIFIC, a Golden Age SUPERMAN and BATMAN…. AND… Johnny Thunder and T-bolt.

    And it would be very nice of you to throw in the InJustice Society of The World ….just for good measure.

    Please keep it up.!!! We love these figures and appreciate the work that goes into getting these wonderful action figures into our hands.

    THANKS ALOT, gang!!

  • Jon says:

    Being a JSA fan from way back I didn’t think they’d make him. He looks great, now where’s Jay Garrick, Atom, Sandman and will we ever see Johnny Lightning?

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