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  • John Jones says:

    I’m certain I wouldn’t buy Star Sapphire. This is the first series since Kilowog where I plan to buy the whole thing. Though I’m not saying I got a SINGLE *%&#ing figure from that series. Distribution >:(. But I WANTED every one. This time around, since it’s coming out right after christmas, I just pre-ordered the whole thing with my christmas money. Anyway. I liked the first Riddler. It had problems but I still liked it. I liked this one too. Now I have a modern and a classic 🙂

  • Captain Zero says:

    We NEEDED a more impressive Batman villain …The Riddler.!!
    The first one just wasn’t good enough.

    I do hope we soon get Ra’s, Talia, Damian, and an army building League of Assassins Ninja figure. (I want a bunch.)

    But glad we’ll have this Riddler figure.

  • hawkman says:

    agreed riddler is not a nessicity at the moment wheres a damian or bat girl how about one of these especial the armored bat whats with that

  • Luke says:

    Riddle me this? What’s purple and black but green all over

  • affonso carrasco says:

    All the characters you mentioned are necessary. But a new Riddler is a urgent need. Talking about head´s size, I´m a little disappointed about Guy Gardner. He´s head is huge, out of scale from DCUC line.

  • Nick Knight says:

    Uhh…yeah, we’re at Wave 16, but so what? Wave 15 still hasnt hit the stores. Come to think of it, I havent seen figure one available from Wave 14 either. So, yeah, it’s cool to see the pictures, but what the f&*k? DC Universe needs to be available to sell! Hello? ANyone out there understand what I’m saying?

  • Norge says:

    Yeah, but what would you want – another Riddler figure, or instead a DCUC Star Sapphire. Or a DCUC Ra’s Al Ghul. Or a DCUC Huntress.

    Please! Enough with the repaints and remolds of characters already released. Please get on to the new character releases and expand the lineup. We are at Wave 16 now and there are still so many characters to be released before you guys hit Wave 25.

    • Templar says:

      Agreed…….Can’t wait for a modern Huntress, Ra’s, and Talia even, in the DCUC line. Actually, still also waiting for Vixen and CatMan among the fanboy favorite choices to be made…….I hope they correct the female arms of the figures, make them a bit more scale / robust….
      Speaking of scale, this Riddler is a bit too buff…..should’ve used a slimmer buck like Sinestro’s, perhaps ?

  • affonso carrasco says:

    Now a decent RIDDLER, series 5 Riddler has a small head near other characters from DC Universe Classics toyline.

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