Robin – pre-sales photos


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  • Captain Zero says:

    Robin at last!! I’ve waited for him. The wait is almost over!!

    Great!! I like the Classic more than the “modern”. (I think.)
    I think we are but weeks away from their release.

    • Captain Zero says:

      Ok, I’ve got Classic Robin and he’s….GREAT!! Nice sculpt..he really looks wonderful. Glad to have him. The wait was worth it. From the folds in his shirt to the scales on his trunks, he’s very well done.
      The face is great, his hair is right. Nice going!!

  • Gideon X says:

    Where’d the 25 wave cap come from?

    The recent article on Fwoosh says the next wave (17)will be the last- speculation from them is it will be the “rainbow Lantern” wave.

    Personally I cant see the line ending with wave 17, nor do I think the “rainbow” makes much sense. At the same time I havent seen a reference to 25 waves Norge makes above.

    The real problem is there’s no way to know what’s going to be made or when it will be made, and there is STILL the massive problem of distribution- Wave 14 (another walmart exclusive) hasnt been anywhere even though it should have been out months ago. If you talk to Mattel, its not their fault, if you talk to walmart, its not their fault either. Same crap that happened with wave 5. Wave 10 was more plentiful and because those figures can still be found, the stores are now gun shy about newer releases.

    Before I get any more off track, however, I have to say this version of the Original Robin SHOULD have been made- the name of the line after all is DC Universe CLASSICS. All the subsequent versions of the character are fine, but THIS is the one that started it all- it IS a CLASSIC.

    Theyve already started Metal Men with Iron, Gold (maybe), and Mercury. No sense not to finish it up. Doom Patrol, likewise, and ditto JSA. Still havent seen Golden Age Sand Man or Atom.

    So we’ll see…in summation, I dont despair too much on different variants of characters, I agree we’ve seen a jillion Batman versions and dont need another (unless they do his First Appearance one….that I’ll go for), and I dont really believe 17 is the last wave.

  • affonso carrasco says:

    They can make Watchmen characters?

  • affonso carrasco says:

    Sgt Rock and Shinning Knight are very important to me. They can´t be forgotten.

  • Nick Knight says:

    Yay! A fat Robin? Just what I’ve always wanted. A chubby boy wonder. Come on…who am I, Michael Jackson? What the heck?? Uhh…yeah, we’re at Wave 16, but so what? Wave 15 still hasnt hit the stores. Come to think of it, I havent seen figure one available from Wave 14 either. So, yeah, it’s cool to see the pictures, but what the f&*k? DC Universe needs to be available to sell! Hello? Anyone out there understand what I’m saying?

  • Norge says:

    I’m going to be the sole voice of reason here and say “do we really need another Robin figure?”

    Think about it, there are 9 waves left after wave 16, and many of your favorite heroes and villains may not get a release due to the neverending stream of figure variants and remolds being released of already existing characters.

    DCUC was originally intentioned to go up to 25 waves, to coincide with Marvel Legends returning in two years time. If characters like Poison Ivy, Doctor Light, Ra’s Al Ghul, Toyman, Huntress, General Zod, Maxima, Phantom Stranger, and countless others keep getting pushed back so another Batman or Riddler repaint can see the light of day it is the fans who will be sorry.

  • Jon says:

    Now THAT’S the Robin we’ve been waiting for!
    Let’s re-do Kid Flash and my New Teen Titans will be complete.

  • Carlos Irizarry says:

    I see golden and silver versions of many heroes but I would love it if you gave Wonder Woman a go on a silver and golden variants. Classic Wonder Woman with the iconic eagle breastplate is a must for the 70’s JLA and the 40’s JSA. Screw the “new” outfit!!!

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