FIRESTORM (modern) another pre-sales photo 2

This is another pre-sales photo of Firestorm (modern) released by Mattel directly to online retailers.
Special thanks to Batmego27 who gave us the heads-up and sent us this photo.

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  • Templar says:

    Love the hues of his deep yellow & red orange colors……Haven’t seen him on the shelves yet, only online……

  • I am aslo still on the hunt for this one. I hope to add him next to Classic FS. I am not a huge fan of making figures harder to find than others, but I guess we get to work to collect sometimes.

  • wally g says:

    i found him today at target as well as the orion lightray two pack at my local toys are us. it was a good day for figures. there was a whole rack of jason rusch firestorms if any of you are in the connecticut area

  • Chris West says:

    just wondering if this figure is actually available as i can’t find it. release date seems to keep shifting with supplier I’ve ordered it off and can’t even find it on ebay !

  • Skullder says:

    Can’t wait to get this Firestorm too! I really dig this updated look. Bonus that it’s acutally a new character.

    Figures like these give me hope that we’ll see a nice mix of Classic/Modern looks for heroes and villians in this toy line.

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