Green Lantern vs. Solomon Grundy

Hal Jordan vs. Solomon Grundy size comparison photos (provided by Mattel).

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  • Agent Hunt says:

    WOW! really big! i hope they later make a Doomsday collect and connect figure,it would be great!

  • Aaron says:

    Don’t they just look great together? What a happy family. Once again cool figures you guys.

  • worldwarhulk says:

    Grundy is BURLEY. I love it.
    I cant wait for Hal though. Ive been looking for a good articulated Hal Jordan for years. Finally it is on the way.

  • MemnochZERO says:

    Yeah, by the way these figures are going, we’ll see that level of paint detail on the figures in stores, too. For me that mud just makes Grundy even more authentic. They (ToyBiz) did the same thing on the Helms Deep Aragorn figure for the LOTR Two Towers line. The mud all over his boots made it much better than it would have all clean. Same with what they’re doing for Grundy. As for the legs, I’d rather see ball joints, for the simple fact you get more poses out of ’em, and you don’t have to keep the figure in such a wide stance. Either way, the figures still are great.

  • MegaGearX says:

    I’m loving the mud caked boots and jacket on Grundy.

  • Lightsource says:

    As awesome as that Grundy is, I gotta say I’m looking more forward to that Hal Jordan. I can’t help but think of of the old Super Powers line seeing him in his classic duds. My only critique of this new line are the cut-joints in the thighs. They make the figues look a lot less aesthically pleasing than they could. They should really take a note from SOME of the Horseman’s Marvel Legends designs on how to make it look better. ‘Course with or without this, the line will still be the premier action figure line of 2008!

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