NIGHTWING pre-sales photo 2

This is another pre-sales photo of Nightwing released by Mattel directly to online retailers.
Special thanks to Batmego27 who gave us the heads-up and sent us this photo.

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  • Templar says:

    ALSO – perhaps a variant of Nightwing as RENEGADE (with him in a RED version of his costume, based on a recent story arc) would make a wonderful addition as well………As always, every superhero should have a polar opposite of themselves! The possibilities are endless…

  • Templar says:

    Best. Nightwing. Figure……….so far! I wouldn’t mind getting a variant with this metallic blue shade. Everyone looooves the simplicity of his stark but cool costume – light-years better than his first high-collared/open chested (gay?) duds…….Head sculpt is just perfect, my favorite DCUC figure to date. Kudos to Mattel & Four Horsemen!!

  • ChristianNYC says:

    I like the shiny look. It looks like leather

  • niko says:

    I think the second sales photos with more shine look ten times cooler than the first pre sale photos.

  • electri says:

    YAY great Nightwing

  • Skullder says:


  • Josh says:

    I really hope that they don’t shine like that. They look better with a dull coat, but they still look great!

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