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The creation of the DC Universe Classics Info Archive (DCUC.info) was inspired a great deal by the Super Powers and Total Justice archives, which were built by Jason Geyer (more popularly known on the net as ToyOtter). Both archives were put up sometime in the late 90s and to date, still serve as a “de facto” guide for people who are just beginning to appreciate those classic lines.

DCUC.info is intended to be a similar guide (both visual and informational) for the new Mattel DCUC action figure line. New photos and information will be added as we gather them from various sources. It is my hope that this site will serve the same purpose and exhibit the same longevity as Jason’s.


About the DCUC action figures

During the 2007 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), Mattel announced that they have obtained the “master” DC license until 2012 which gives them access to over 3,000 characters from DC Comics. DC Universe Classics (DCUC) promises a comic-accurate line with the Four Horsemen helming the team of sculptors. The plan is to produce five (5) assortments a year with each assortment containing at least 5 characters and a Collect & Connect figure (Mattel’s version of build-a-figure). Doing some math, that’s roughly 30 characters a year (not counting chase, variants and possible store exclusives). In five years, that comes out to at least 150 figures. DC fans now finally have their counterpart for the highly successful Marvel Legends line.






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