In-Package photo of BATGIRL & AZRAEL

Official in-package photo of Batgirl & Azrael by Mattel.

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  • ChristianNYC says:

    I have the orginal two-pak Batgirl with Batman. I think she looks awesome. It took DCD many years to actually make a nice looking Batgirl and Mattel did her right the first time.

    DCD’s first attempt made her look like a Boy. Then their second attempt was just a gray repaint of THAT figure.

    DCD did a Showcase Batgirl that was nice looking but her head was way too Big. Alex Ross Series Batgirl was spot on. She looks AWESOME.

  • Michael Schinke says:

    I’ve seen these two packs recently. The QC on them is pretty bad, even more so than some of the others. The Batgirl in particular is pretty bad. They have added this odd light gray dry brushing to her bodysuit which just looks bad. The paint application on her boots and gloves is also pretty sloppy. Too bad too; this is a really good looking sculpt.

  • RedAl says:

    that Azrael is kick ass

  • Rob says:

    Well back when I was looking for the movie masters I called mattel asking about Azrael if they ever would re-release him and I was told this two pack would be out for christmas and it would only be at toys r us

  • RedAl says:

    When are these 2-pack babies released?

  • Will says:

    hey, what do you have against short-armed people?
    they look pretty kick-buttitude

  • alfred says:

    does anyone know the release date on this

  • tony says:

    I hope they made batgirls arm longer, im did not like the short arm thing she had goping when first released.

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