SDCC Exclusive LOBO & DAWG pre-sales photos

These are the official pre-sales photos of Lobo & Dawg released by Mattel.

This exclusive set will only be availble at the San Diego Comic Con 2008.

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  • bonnevil666 says:

    Is it me or are the legs way too short? Maybe it’s just the camera angle Anywho, really looking forward to seeing this in the shops. Will it make it to the UK?

  • nicholas says:

    man i really wnted to get my hands on this this figure is well sculpted with no oaint misshaps

  • Will says:

    Looks great. I didn’t see any paint bleeds, unless you mean on his boot in which case, i think it’s supposed to be blood.

  • Rob banks says:

    i better be able to get this in NYC either by mail or whatever…I aint payin big bucks on ebay…mattel better make this available to the rest of us!
    This is toooooo fantastic of a figure!

  • wally g says:

    any one know how much he’ll cost?

  • thunderbreak says:

    Ouch! I hope they fix the paint bleeds…

    … I’m still getting it though…

    … btw, anybody here willing to help me acquire one? Hopefully, with the SDCC Classics Nememsis Prime and DST Animated colors Optimus Prime bust too 🙂

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