“Ask Matty” Mattel Q&A for January 15, 2011

Here’s our round of Questions and Answers with Mattel for January 15, 2011.

Q1. You once told us that you were considering having stats and bios for the DC Universe Classics Collect and Connect figures online. Is this still a possibility? And if so, could you include the card backs for all of the figures in the line as a sort of archive for their stats and bios? The giants of the DC Universe are feeling left out!

This is something we want to do. Right now all of our efforts have been going into improving the buying process. Once this is straightened out we will start looking into other projects such as bios for the collect and connect figures.


Q2. DCUC. QC is a problem that appears far too often in the line, and despite frequent complaints and promises of fixing it, it still plays far too big a part in the life of the line. When this happens, collectors usually just return a faulty figure to a store or front up the cash for a replacement if they can afford to. BUT, with the release of the Matty Collector Legion Of Superheroes 12 pack, this will not be an option should one or more of the figures in a collectors purchase have QC issues. What can people do if and when a figure in the set is faulty?

Like with all of our Mattycollector.com items, a small percentage is held for customer service returns and exchanges.


Q3. Recently, pictures were posted on Matty’s Facebook page, showing several of the Team’s favorite figures to date. Observant fans noticed that several variants were present, like the Modern Red tornado, Lighter blue Superman, and all yellow accented Shazam! Is there still a chance these versions (not to mention the naked Cheetah variant)will see the light of collector’s shelves in the near future? Surely Mattel wouldn’t tease us with such unobtainables!!!

As evident by the new in-scale Sinestro in the TRU two-pack (on shelf now!) we are committed to getting these older cutting room floor figures out there. It just takes the right time and execution, but we do want to get them out!


Thanks again to Steve Ceragioli for putting this Q&A together.

Thanks to Mattel’s Toy Guru and Danielle for the answers.


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  • Batsy says:

    We do need natu

  • Batsy says:

    Soranik natu does need a figure

  • Filipe says:

    And Soranik Natu!!! Where is Soranik Natu??!?

  • Super Soldier says:

    Mattel/ DC & the Four Horsemen have done a pretty good job so far; I am just happy to have cool New Gods Darkseid & Orion/Lightray figures! I can hardly wait for the Legion of Super Heroes 12 pack!! The JSA figures are awesome and hopefully we will see more JSA, plus any additional Superman/related figures and a C&C Doomsday! So-thank you, keep up the good work and I will be waiting for the new waves in 2011!!!

  • Maryland Guy says:

    Hopefully we will see a Superboy (black t-shirt style); an Aquaman with long hair and harpoon arm; Jay Garrick -Flash; Mon-el classic and/or Green Lantern; Vixen; Definitely need a C&C DOOMSDAY; also a Capt. Marvel Jr.; Amada Waller and Granny Goodness would be cool; and
    One Million Justice League please!

  • American Citizen says:

    I am looking forward to the Legion of Super Heroes, a C&C DOOMSDAY figure would be awsome, I would like to see a Reverse Flash too, hopefully a Mon-el figure in classic costume-and Green Lantern look!
    Also, Vixen, Amanda Waller, and Granny Goodness would make my day!

  • Jon says:

    I’m still waiting for the Doom Patrol Chief and Dr. Will Magnus Matty exclusive 2 pack I suggested long ago.
    Anyone else like this idea?

  • Captain Marbles says:

    I would LOVE to have a Reverse Flash figure! Also, the Blackest Night characters aren’t really “classics”, but Elongated Man, Huntress, Flash, Batman and Superman of Earth 2 and Jade are. Were are they? Hmmm? *poke poke* Hmmm?

  • Norge says:

    Someone on another forum suggested a Naked Cheetah & Professor Zoom 2-Pack, as this would both be simple recolors of existing figures. I know there is the fact that 2-packs have to have a big hero and one of their core villains, but I think in this special circumstance these characters are tied to each other, with Cheetah and Professor Zoom sharing a partnership in the comics. It would be much like the Batman and Robin Dynamic Duo 2-pack.

    This would sell well and many would buy it.

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