DCUC Custom Showcase

The guys behind Action Figure Insider have, for quite some time now, been planning to host a custom figure event. And after much internal debate, they have come up with the DCUC Custom Showcase.

According to Jason “ToyOtter” Geyer, “The concept is simple: customize any DCUC/DCSH or related figure into any character in any comic universe! Just think of it as what would happen if the Four Horsemen could sculpt anything they wanted in the line.”


Special thanks to Grundy of AFHUB for the DCUC Custom Showcase “Captain Marvel” poster.

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  • captainzero says:

    Please insert: after my “wow”…
    That …this is a great idea. To be able to have a place to see what “customizers” would do with these DCUC figures… and to see these guys make some of our other DC heroes…this will be really “neat” to see. Oboy!! Exciting.!!

  • captainzero says:

    Wow!! Some of the customizers out there are fantastic. If we could just yell out what we would “love” to see …
    I would loved to see Joe Simon and Jack Kirby heroes from the 1940’s… which, I think we’ll have to wait a long time to see in the DCUC line.
    I would yellout:…”SANDMAN and SANDY”!!(purple & yellow costumes.)
    “THE MANHUNTER”!!(red costume with the blue mask.)
    “THE GUARDIAN”!!!..(I guess without the Newsboy Legion.)but WITH his badge-shield.

    And ANY of Jack’s other DC heroes..from OMAC to his new SANDMAN(with Brute &Glob??) to the new GOLDEN GUARDIAN… and the new MANHUNTER(Mark Shaw). Maybe even ATLAS…now that he’s a Superman villain. Man, I’d even be happy to see (Kirby’s)Challengers of the Unknown or even the SA Green Arrow and Speedy.

    DCUC/4H/Mattel are doing a great job on THE NEW GODS but it may be a while before they get around to doing the “KING”‘s other GREAT DC HEROES.

    To see SANDMAN and SANDY would be so great.!!! ok… AWESOME!! Customizers have some great “bucks” to work with.

  • joe stilwell says:

    wonder twins!!!! wonder twins!!!! wonder twins!!! we want wonder twins ~~ powers activate

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