Matty Reveals 2012 DC Universe All-Stars Line-up posted some sneak peek photos of the 2012 DC Universe All-Stars action figures.

2012 DC Universe All-Stars

DC Universe Fans,

As you know, the DC Universe Classics line is finishing up at retail with the highly anticipated Wave 20, including the Fan’s Choice Collect and Connect® Nekron. Then, following Wave 20, we’ll introduce a completely new DC Universe 6″ line at retail, the DC Universe All-Stars. Designed especially to complement the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths figures, this new line will blow your collector mind!

You first saw Larfleeze at New York Comic Con. Here’s another look at him, plus your first official sneak peek at the rest of the figures from the first mix at retail…

Larfleeze: The wielder of orange light finally joins the DC Universe! This collection-essential figure builds out the Corps.

Superboy Prime: The only super-powered being on Earth Prime, he comes complete with his Anti-Monitor armor.

Flashpoint Plastic Man: Check out this edgy new version of Plastic Man from the popular Flashpoint comics.

Batman Beyond: Behold our sweet take on the iconic Caped Crusader.

So there they are – the four amazing figures that make up the first mix at retail. It’s been an awesome year for the DC Universe line and with the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths program on and the DC Universe All-Stars line at retail, 2012 is going to be even better!


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  • MJ Delmar says:

    Why does Mattel keep on making these craps… “We” DC Universe collectors are longing for the hot heroines like Vixen, Huntress, and the bff Ice & Fire; we’ll be then forever grateful……
    Bring them on Matty please!!!!!!

  • Carlos Y.Irizarry says:

    please make the golden age and / or silver age wonder woman jsa needs that figure

  • RedHulkLanternCorps? says:

    H. didn’t say Hal was the only GL “A small GL Corp, one Sinestro and that’s all we need”. They said Hal was the only GL character (probably the only 1 on earth?) which makes sense. The universe is a big place. We don’t need to see more than 1 in DC (saying “DC Comics just sounds redundant – “DC Comics Comics?”) I agree with the “there are too many Lanterns” thing. What if a million people in the DC Universe suddenly had the power of the Flash? Boring! The war of light storyline is really annoying. Red, blue, orange, etc. Lanterns need to go away. All-Stars = the same thing as “classics” IMO. Also, yes, ML coming back and DCUC dying in the same year means Matty has now completely dropped the ball and maybe needs to hand the DC 6 inchers off to somebody who might actually take the line seiously.

  • Matthew Cody says:

    Great job Mattel. The re introduction of Marvel Legends into the Market place is a game changer and besides what nay sayets post, staying competitive is what its all about. Not everone wants the complete Doom Patrol, but those of us that do need to stay dilligent and enjoy the plastic crack cocaine that true collectors live for.
    I pine for a fatal five gift pack (four left) and an Amanda Waller sub figure…time will tell.
    All the best

  • H. Bertinelli says:

    A re-release of Batman Beyond, a Plastic Man when we just got one like 5 minutes ago, another Superboy and (surprise!) yet another Rainbow Lantern figure. (Miz voice) Really?

    DCUC: What does that second “C” stand for? Characters that were introduced 30 seconds ago? Oh, no, that’s right… It stands for “Classics”.

    Silly me. I was hoping for someone like, I dunno, Elongated Man or Huntress or even an Alfred figure. But no. No. You need to make us choke to death on Rainbow Lanterns and a bunch of figures everybody already owns. Why is this line in trouble again?

    Look. Hal Jordan was special. He had a power ring. Nobody else did. That made him unique. Interesting. Fun. Now? You can’t swing a dead elephant in the DC Universe without hitting 50 power ring wielders. Now it’s like “a power ring… who cares? They’re everywhere! My kid just got one out of a gumball machine. Now he’s a member of the Taupe Lantern Corps”. Seriously. This is getting to be ridiculous.

    A small GL Corp, one Sinestro and that’s all we need. The other Corps need to retconned out of existence post haste.

    • The Flash III says:

      Actually DCUC ends after wave 20, so there isn’t the second C for Classics in the name anymore. I think they’re DC All-Stars or something now. Also, Hal got his ring from Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of this sector, implying there are multiple sectors, which means Hal was never the only Green Lantern. Seeing as the multi-lanterns are creations of Geoff Johns, I don’t think he’ll be retconning them anytime soon, nor will he bring back Wally West as the Flash.

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