SDCC ’08 Lobo Review by Buzzy Fret

Buzzy Fret writes in to share his review of the DCUC Lobo figure, which was sold as an exclusive to this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Just click on the image below to read his review.

About Buzzy Fret

Born and raised during the latter years of the Cold War, Buzzy Fret was nurtured on a steady diet of GI Joes, Rock n’ Roll and Bronze Age Marvel & DC Comics. Due to the lack of nutritional value in Joes, Comic Books and Rock Music Buzzy grew to be a tall, skinny teen and suffered from classic angst over his own self image. This leads him to pick up the electric guitar as it seemed the best way for a tall, lanky goombah to “meet chicks.” Fast forward to the new millennium, Buzzy Fret now married, owning too many electric guitars and with a new baby son of his own, Buzzy finds himself in Toys R Us stores for the first time in a long time. During one of these visits he spies a ToyBiz Marvel Legends Nick Fury Action Figure and is struck by a feeling many males of his generation have been stricken with; “Why didn’t they make toys this cool when I was a kid!” Falling quickly into the addiction of AF collecting Buzzy spends many an hour surfing eBay trying to acquire rare MLs. While doing so he discovers the secret cult of Customizing and, being in a weakened state from his plastic addiction, is quickly and easily converted into a rabid disciple. Buzzy’s hastily cobbled together customs can be seen littering the Custom Gallerys of Action Figure Fan web sites: Figure Realm, The Fwoosh, Action Figure Insider and Toy Soup.

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  • I HATE exclusives. All it does is make it hard for the regular shopper to be able to complete a collection. The figures look nice, but it makes me slightly annoyed when I can not just go buy a figure at a store that is local, and not fly accross the country to a convention, or pay out on ebay for it .

  • Will says:

    Yea, his scale kind of stinks but its definitely not as bad as Bucky because Bucky didnt even look good

  • jon zipkin says:

    I’m glad they made him at all and the sculpt is dynamite, but with him checking in at just above six feet and actually towering over the other figures it kinda makes it hard to stage him with the rest and not wince *sigh*.

    It could have been worse – anyone offended by the Bucky debacle, where he stands taller than Cap *laughs*?

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