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  • Captain Zero says:

    I won’t be satisfied until we get Jay(The Flash) Garrick, The Atom, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, G.A. Hawkman with a Kubert Hawk-headpiece and yellow hood, Mr. Terrific, The Sandman with the original costume and Simon and Kirby’s SANDMAN AND SANDY, …Johnny Thunder and T-Bolt, …and The InJustice Society (or Gang)of the World. And a few I failed to mention.

    So, …thank you very much —Mattel and Horsemen– for this great Green Lantern figure…. and the great Hourman figure.
    You guys just keep ‘knocking it out of the park’.
    Just THANKS ALOT!!

  • S&K Sandman says:

    I won’t be satisfied until we have them all:
    Jay Garrick, Flash
    Wonder Woman
    The Atom
    The Sandman, …original and Simon & Kirby’s!!
    Mr. Terrific
    Johnny Thunder…and T-Bolt!!

  • I hate exclusives says:

    I finally found this wave last night good fig don’t know why they painted his hands flesh tone instead of flesh casting his hands they look to glossy and the paint runs into his ring. Other than that he’s done well. Let me know what you think.

  • I hate exclusives says:

    Gideon X you sound like you live in Ohio. I go through the exact same things you describe with my area Wallmarts which makes me wonder if they even care to sell them. For the last year since wave seven I have been buying online. Beats the hassle and aggravation of Wallmart, Toys r us, and target.

  • Gideon X says:

    Wave 14 was supposed to be set for a summer 2010 release. Its now Sept so one could argue summer isnt officially over, but in reality this was another walmart #$#-up, and we’ve seen this train wreck before. I contacted Mattel (again) and 4 local walmarts (again) and AGAIN…Mattel says its walmart’s fault, walmart says they only stock what theyve been shipped and Mattel never sent them any. All 4 of the local walmarts’ toy dept “supervisors” never heard of any exclusive sets coming to walmart (which only shows their own ignorance). My only advice to you is

    a.) keep looking

    b.) expect to see these around X-mas time

    c.) start hunting down on other websites.

    Wish I had better news for you….

  • affonso carrasco says:

    Does anybody know where are they?
    When do they come to WAL-MART?
    It´s a torture keep watching them just here (computer), I want them on my shelves.

  • Jon says:

    I’m wild about this but I won’t be satisfied til we have Jay Garrick, too!
    Please don’t make us wait too long, Mattel!

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