Atom Smasher

Atom Smasher is the “Collect & Connect” figure for Wave 7.

Photos by‘s Daniel Pickett a.k.a. Julius Marx.

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  • DBratt says:

    Cool figure, BUT… mine keeps coming apart at the waist. Doesn’t click into place. Anyone else have this problem?

  • DBratt says:

    Very cool figure, but mine keep coming apart at the middle/waist. That’s disappointing. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Completed him today! ! !

    He rocks. Proably my fav BAF. Keep up the excellent work Mattel.

    Now if I could somehow fine more of wave 5 from the lame Walmart exclusive shipment. The figures were great, just the idea of Walmart only seeming to get one shipment, and never another was LAME.

  • TheFlashIII says:

    This is my favorite BAF; right up there with Grundy and Metallo. He’s solidly built (my Metallo can barely stand up) and, best of all, he’s proportional, not squat and wide like Kalibak or tall and wide like Grundy. Excellent work! The crappy thing is that 6 figures have parts, and the Flash has a stand! A blue DC Universe stand!?!?!? I think they should all come with those stands anyway! If the stand is supposed to be for Atom Smasher, it won’t even work because of the width of his stance. The could have at least built a deluxe stand that has “Atom Smasher” on it and looks like rock or pavement or something. Great figure, though!

  • lightsource says:

    I don’t mind his height. Since this character derives from Nuklon (if I’m correct) McFarlane often drew him about that size to all the other Infinity Inc. guys. Prefer this costume to the mohawk definitely too. Best BAF so far!

  • Zodac says:

    I was so hoping Atom Smasher would be a little bigger than Grundy is. Seeing as it takes 6 figures to put him together instead of 5. A little disappointing if ya ask me. Specaily since there aren’t alot of accessories for the figures in this wave.

  • JMA says:

    Shouldn’t be bigger? I am not very familiar with the Character to say the least.

  • J-Dub says:

    There is a picture out of China today where they’ve found the entire Wave 7 lot. He build up Atom Smasher and put him next to his Grundy. EXACT same height.

  • Michael Schinke says:

    I’m guessing about the same size as Grundy.

  • JMA says:

    Does anybody knows how big this guy is going to be?

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