Black Canary photo from NYCC 2009

Photo of Black Canary taken at the Mattel booth during the recent New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2009.

Photo courtesy of Jason Geyer (a.k.a. ToyOtter) of

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  • David X says:

    DCUC is starting to use a LOT of closed fists .. .. these are gorgeous figures and the effort shows . . .. but please open their hands so they can hold things

    • John Jones says:

      Well, some characters may not have something to hold, exempli gratia, Black Canary. I couldn’t think of something for her to hold. The only thing I could think of as an accessory is the ability to open and close her mouth, but that would never work on these sculpts because it would look like one of those freaky living marionettes. The jaw only works on reptilians and the ToyBiz Marvel Legends series 4 Beast.

      • David X says:

        Well, for instance, I wanted Giganta to be holding someone in my display but her closed fists prevent this.

        Basically, if i want to get creative in a shelf display, sometimes having them hold things helps – but it’s alright i suppose – the figures are still great.

  • Captain Zero says:

    On this figure you can see that she’s wearing a wig. It’s not necessary to be that detailed. The other picture of Black Canary looks better and I hope that’s the one Mattel goes with. The stockings look better on the other figure, too!

  • Traveller says:

    Seems like all they did here was take the Giganta head and remold it slightly. I dont like the facial expression at all. She looks completely bored out of her mind. And the same lanky body used for all female DCUC. They really eed to work on that, but so late into the line it might be too expensive to go back to the drawing board.

  • HalJordan says:

    I think she looks awesome. I am also concerned about the fishnet quality but i wont be playing with ehr. if i can just get her in my display I’ll be happy.

  • muppethost says:

    I love the blue legs. She always had blue legs under her fishnets (until recently). Growing up, I thought that all fishnet hose were blue underneath.

  • ChristianNYC says:

    The one thing that I love about Mattel’s female figures (aside from Starfire) they get them right the first time.

    She looks awesome

  • Norge says:

    Blue legs? Such a Wertham-era fashion statement.

  • Caesar says:

    Wow, she’s cute..

    Mattel, please keep her pretty when it comes out and please be careful with those fishnet things..

  • Toythinker says:

    I’d like to see the modern version in the current Justice League series – or even that new Adam Hughes statue coming out later in the year by DC Direct.

    Otherwise, great sculpt…!!!

  • Vincent McLean says:

    I half expected bare legs, but this is totally fine, though. Beautiful sculpt!

  • wadsworth says:

    i can already see QC issues with the fishnets.

  • Michael Schinke says:

    Let’s hope they leave the netting on the legs. It’s a nice little touch. Also, good work on using the new hip joints. If they would just start using it on the male figures that would be cool also.

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