Commander Steel pre-sales photo

This is the official pre-sales photo of Commander Steel released by Mattel.


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  • OllieP says:

    My wife recently saw Vigilante, Green Arrow and Black Canary at a Target on Long Island. Unfortunately I already have all three. Still, some of the older waves seem to pop up from time to time.

  • Looking at these characters in waves 8 and 9 upsets me, because i don’t have any of them!
    Oh how i wish to just have one of these figures i collect some of these and i am o great fan of dc universe.

    Wow! this character just astounds me because the paint, sculpting and imagery are amazing in this figure (along with the rest of the wave).
    I also agree with TheFlash111 because this figure would be great with all metallic paint, overall this is a great figure and I wish I had it myself

  • Templar says:

    Just got this figure – they indeed kept the metallic sky blue colors on him, and the paintlines are impressively clean……Only gripe: the Red color on the actual figure is just FLAT – not as vibrant as in the pic above !

    • TheFlashIII says:

      He would have been cooler with all metallic paint, but the blue really jumps at you. My biggest complaint was that they didn’t paint the white over the shoulder joint. It looks bad with a red line right through the shoulder, saying “See? This is where the joint is!” Also a pretty blah sculpt outside of the excellent head…it makes me wonder why they chose him.

    • oscar intia says:

      where did you buy this figure? i’ve been looking for series 8 and 9. i can’t seem to find them. are they available at wal-mart, toys r us, or target?

  • JMA says:

    well they released Buster Gold in metalic colors.

  • Captain Zero says:

    I think he looks GREAT! Even the detail on his gloves… look so good.
    Great fists!! Great looking action figure. Nice colors,… just a darn nice figure!!

  • ted kord....THE BLUE BETTLE says:


  • Templar says:

    Current Alex Ross renditions actually show him in an all-metallic costume, like Capt. Atom………..I guess its too much to ask to have him have the same overall gloss as Capt.Atom’s gold variant??
    Now, I think the similarly colored 70’s version of Americommando (nemesis of the Freedom Fighters) would also be a great-looking addition to the DCUC line, eh?

  • Lightsource says:

    One All-Star Squadron member down. Fifty more to go.

  • OnDebit says:

    It would be Really cool if there was metallic paint for the whole costume. They did Captain Atom completely metallic Silver/Gold. But I suppose it would be a lot of paint applications…

  • Spilldog says:

    They won’t.

  • Caesar says:

    great figure…

    i hope Mattel keep those blue metallic paint….

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