Cyborg pre-sales photos

These are the official pre-sales photos of Cyborg released by Mattel.

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  • Jon says:

    Templar -I think he may not have sold well and hugged the pegs as long as he did because of the virtually unspoken “action figure racism” that occurs everytime and Black figure is produced.
    I’ve seen the same treatment towards the 1994 Toy Biz X-men Storm and the Vintage collection Lando Calrissian – it’s a strange phenomenon but it happens.

    It also happens in the reverse: Walmart and TRU send large quantities of remaindered Black figures to stores in “Black” areas – I hit mamny of those stores on Long Island NY and it’s very obvious which stores are designated “Colored”.

  • jvoz says:

    your kidding right? this is the superpowers figure for this wave.and i saw him go for 30 bucks a week after he came out in a comic shop.i just got mine in walmart by luck, they misplaced a box and put it out late,lucky me huh?

  • Templar says:

    I know we can all respect the adage of different strokes for different folks, so I hope no one minds if I conclude we can all agree to disagree a bit. Although I totally concede that this figure has a technically unique sculpt and good accessories, I’m just sorry to say that his overall costume design IS REALLY NOT THAT ATTRACTIVE, it simply DOESN’T move me……OR a lot of other fanboys out there who’ve seen this figure onhand (again, with all due respect to George Perez and other Titans / Cyborg purists out there). The fact that he’s NOT flying off the shelves is indicative of this, at least in the comics/toy stores around here in the NJ/NYC area. His animated Blue version in the recent TEEN TITANS cartoon is a much more cooler design, BUT of course it cannot be considered under the DCU CLASSICs line……..

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