Cyborg prototype

Prototype of Cyborg shown at the recent Toy Fair 2008 in New York.

Note: the shoulders on this prototype were mistakenly put on backwards. He won’t have those holes in the front.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Pickett (a.k.a. Julius Marx) of Action Figure Insider.

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  • Templar says:

    No offense to George Perez & to all the Cyborg / Titans fans & purists, but this design just doesn’t move me or a lot of other fanboys I know who’ve come across it……. Perhaps if they used some of the design elements of Cyborg’s animated version in that recent TEEN TITANS series?
    Ah, well – if they did that, then it wouldn’t be considered a DC Universe CLASSIC figure now, would it ? Would a STEEL / John Irons figure have been a better choice?

  • Will says:

    The sonic arm only comes with the KB Toys version and unfortunately, all that comes with the KB Toys version. You only get the Sonic arm. I found all of the figures at once in a KB Toys but they only had the Sonic Arm version. Luckily i got the masked Batman Beyond.

  • rafa says:

    Cyborg is great and his costume is dead on to the comic in which George Perez, one of the creators, drew him!

  • bigraj says:

    I think Cyborg’s great looking. Are both hands removeable for the accessories, or do they only go on the right hand?

  • Rodrigo Ramos says:

    I think that’s something wrong with his head… I don’t know exactly what… But it seems wrong to me…

  • gmamon says:

    well andrew sir, don’t care much for homosexuals…but i meant it makes the costume a little to happy, look at his face he looks all sorts of angry. And im sorry if i offended you or the gay community. but just doesn’t fit right with a mean face.

  • Andrew says:

    He looks “gay?” And the problem with that is…? I mean, if you have a problem with anything “gay,” you definitely need a new hobby. (In case you hadn’t noticed, superheroes are generally portrayed as extremely good looking muscle men in tights and capes.)

  • Gmamon says:

    The straps on his thighs should be bigger, they are really thing and it makes him look gay.

    • ChristianNYC says:

      Usually, when a guy says something like “That looks Gay” it usually means he is in the closet. Because a rwal man wouldn’t use that term to describe something.

  • alex says:

    i dont like the face but everything is good! i hove mattel will do another superman with the legs not so spread to much

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