Green Arrow photos from NYCC 2009

These photos of Green Arrow were taken at the Mattel booth during the recent New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2009.

Photos courtesy of Jason Geyer (a.k.a. ToyOtter) of

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  • Beastie Boy says:

    This and the Canary still elude me.

  • JOE HEWES says:

    First I want to say great job on the hold DC universe line, amazing work. I just wish there was a way to have them, Mattle has droped the ball with distribution. All that I found was Black Canary, none of the stores in our area got a compleat set. and the scalpers grab them up. I have tried to get compleat sets,and am a JLA fan from Brave and the bold 28. Green Arrow is imposable to find so I have given up on him. shame the Wal-mart set will be just as hard to find. so good luck to you who will be able to find them

  • mjturny23 says:

    This figure is perfect. I wish the bow was as the official release poster but I have another I will use.

    Perfect Mattel/4H.

  • Shanks says:

    I can’t wait for this figure.

    To put him side by side with Green Lantern will be AWESOME!

  • Affonso Carrasco says:

    A grief-hooded costume as a variant will also be welcome. As seen in Superman´s Funeral Poster. Congratulations.

  • Lightsource says:

    I think we would have benefitted better from a double elbow joint rather than a wrist-hinge. ‘Course if that bow string is really not flexible there goes posing him stringing an arrow anyway. Still, an awesome rendition of one of my favorite characters!

    • HalJordan says:

      I disagree, The double elbow as seen on the marvel legends figures looks horrible and there is too much articulation. that allos you to bend the figures arm and touch its bicep/shoulder. you wouldn’t need that for green arrow.

      I think the point is to keeep a good sculpt. make it look awesome and then get some good articulation..

      the 21-23 points is perfect. mattel need not go any higher

      • Monty Python says:

        Yeah, double elbows don’t look horrible, and they give the arm a more realistic range of motion. Double elbows would make it possible to get Arrow here into a good arrow-shooting pose.

      • John Jones says:

        Ok, first off, please limit your dissing of MLs to the Hasblow line because ToyBiz were amazing and they knew how to make double-jointed elbows work. ALSO, there is no such thing as too much poseability so more articulation is welcome. Also I think double elbows would help Arrow because if you wanted to put him in like a “arrow is midway off the bow and he’s already reaching for another one” pose, it doesn’t work with a single-jointed elbow because it doesn’t bend that far.

  • Naturally a must have. I hope to see a Speedy in the future now, too.

  • Ou Sooner 1997 says:

    I can’t wait to get this figure.

  • Gideon says:

    Every picture I’ve run across thus far show him holding the bow in the left hand and an arrow in the right…please tell me these are removable and not fixed to him….they surely wouldnt do that, right??

    • TheFlashIII says:

      I’ve heard one arrow has to be attached to the bow for product safety reasons and the other arrows will be removeable. Mattel said it was a liability choice, not an artistic one.

  • Gideon says:

    Agreed that this is a great figure- its the same basic format they’ve used for almost the entire line, yet it works. NEVER been a question of how great the figures are, problem has been GETTING THEM OUT TO THE CUSTOMERS. Forget the “exclusive” lines for walmart or tru or wherever. Instead of heralding these guys and Wizard granting mattel some damn award, you should all be vowing to BOYCOTT this line until they get their act together. DON’T buy this figure for any more than $10-14.00. Tell these jackasses to DROP DEAD.

    • guy says:

      totally agree, without the drop dead bit, but its true their distribution sucks. why do they come and go so fast and pack so few to a case? it reminds me of living abroad and having to wait a longtime for any sign of american toys on the shelf.

  • douglashawk says:

    I’ve never been a fan of the hood and I hate the wrist joints. I hope this is the only figure to EVER have them. There is such a thing as too much articulation. It ruins the figures. Look at the Marvel lines and the wrist joint are used in the WWE figures as well and I think they look stupid. That’s why I don’t buy them.
    Can’t wait on this wave though. As for the rest of the “die hard league” we still need ELONGATED MAN and ZATANNA too. I wonder what she’ll wear. I bet it’s the tux version, but it doesn’t really matter.

    • HalJordan says:

      douglas, I agree too much articulation is a problem. From what they said at the con that this figure was made this way so that he can hold his bow string correctly. I think for that it works. but you’re right it wouldnt work on like a superman figure. I think its a one time thing or something few figures will have.

      personally, id like to see some more gl corps members like kyle (crab mask and all).

      a good atrocitus figure would be sweet. and im super psyched for the joker fig that they briefly showed on screen.

  • muppethost says:

    The wrist joint is a must for this character. Is there any hope that this added joint will continue on other figures as the line goes on?

  • HalJordan says:

    As per what they said @ the con. The hood version is not a variant and is not even in the works as of right now. But they did agree it would be an awesome figure to produce in later lines….

  • Affonso Carrasco says:

    It would be great a hood variant. it´s an amazing sculpt and colors. I would love to see this quality in Marvel characters

  • Caesar says:

    A must have figure indeed..

    I have a little suggestions for this figure :
    1. Make the arrow removable;
    2. Make the arrow case removable;
    3. Make the arrow on his bow removable;
    4. Make the hat… No,wait, keep the hat attached 😀

  • Toythinker says:

    This is a MUST HAVE…!!! Congrat’s Mattel and 4 Horsemen…!!!

  • chris says:

    i just want a green arrow with the hood. come on dc

    • Jaime Rheyes says:

      Wrong green arrow. This is the original, Ollie Queen. The one with the hood is Conner Hawke

  • Vincent McLean says:

    I love the new wrist articulation for this figure. Hopefully it works well and isn’t too loose.

    Amazing sculpt, however. I do hope that the arrow on his bow isn’t part of the final sculpt, like the arrows on Artemis’ bow, ’cause it looks kind of strange just chillin’ there.

  • Michael Schinke says:

    Jonn got beat out for this wave by Black Canary. Better luck next time for the Martian.

  • Silver Searcher says:

    I love the extra joints in the wrists! I as so glad they added that!

  • jon zipkin says:

    That makes almost the entire hard-core classic JLA – where’s J’onn J’onzz??

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