Jonah Hex

Photos courtesy of Steve Ceragioli.


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  • wally2974 says:

    A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a HORSE!! I want one of those horses for my Jonah Hex. Where did you get him from? Damn you, Mattel, make him a horse!!

  • Luis C says:

    man he looks great!

  • BigBearJahlon says:

    Nice set of pics on Jonah. Where did you get the horse from?

    • Nkasin says:

      Based on the articulation, I’d say that is a Toybiz horse from The Lord of the Rings movie series lines that came out many years ago. I have to laugh and cry at the same time that the photographer would need to dig a horse from an out-of-business toy manufacturer out of the storage bin to provide Jonah with a mount. Based on the lack of accessories and fun-factor with the latest waves – I’m would not classify them as action figures anymore. The fact is Jonah Hex should have came with a horse, just like Copperhead should have come with a tail. Cutting corners on collector’s items is inexcusable – because that’s what these are, not action figures. Kids play with video games nowadays, and adult collectors are the only ones buying action figures – come on and get your market right, Mattel.

      • Hawkman says:

        Well toywiz’s stuff will always be able to be used no matter how old they get and I think he look great on the horse, also and if you don’t think that Zatanna’s wand was cool or kamdi’s weapons well then u can’t be a true collector and who didn’t love the super powers line with guys like cyclone and tyr and the build a figures just get better and better mean I can’t wait to get the legion to go with my validus, and finally I’m only 14 and I have every dcuc figure, every marvel universe figure, and every marvel legend figure (which are made by toywiz and will always be great no matter what.)

        • Nkasin says:

          Kamandi’s weapons were very thin and bendy, lacking in detail as well. Vigilante’s weapons from Wave 8 put them to shame. My Zatanna’s hat barely fits on her head, and her wand leaves a big black paint mark on the inside of her hand. I collect and enjoy this line, but the shortcuts that get taken all the time make no sense at all. Video Games are getting more complex, Technology is getting better – and yet Action Figures, even the DCUC ones, seem to be getting worse from wave to wave. If you have collected ALL the figures, than please tell us how many have stuck joints or hips, or how many have broken right out of the box. It has happened to me too often.

          And it is ToyBIZ dude, not Toywiz.

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