Kid Flash

This photo of Kid Flash was taken during the 2008 San Diego Comic Con by‘s Daniel Pickett a.k.a. Julius Marx.

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  • Stinky pete says:

    I’m with Jamie on this, Kid Flash is far too small. He’s more like a the size of a 7 year old than a teenager.

    The weird thing is even though he’s around the same height as Robin he seems much smaller.

    Well these things happen.

  • Jaime Rheyes says:

    I saw him at Wal*Mart. HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO SMALLL!

  • I really like this figure. He’s well balanced and the shading they gave the yellow portions give him much needed depth. The only issue I have is mine has head tilt issues; as in it doesn’t. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s something. This is the first line I’ve gotten with no major QC issues as well. So whatever they’re doing I hope they keep it up.

  • My biggest problem with this figure is the coloring. Unlike the superb paint job done on the release photos, the yellow plastic used for kid flash is dull, and almost dirty looking. Furthermore, the yellow on the lower torso does not match the yellow on the upper torso, and neither yellows match the yellow on the arms.

  • TheFlashIII says:

    I just got the whole wave today, and if we’re talking “I just got splashed by chemicals yesterday” Kid Flash, he’s fine. This is definitely not the later “New Teen Titans” Kid Flash. Overall, the sizing of this wave is a little wacky. Big Barda, Kid Flash, and Captain Cold seem a little too diminutive. When you put this wave next to wave 6, the whole wave seems tiny–but maybe that’s because there aren’t full-size capes, wings, or anything that makes them substantial. Or maybe they wanted Atom Smasher to look bigger! 😛

  • ted kord....THE BLUE BETTLE says:


  • RedAl says:

    I know what you meant about the 8 year old thing. Robin loks like a steroid enhanced six year old girl(ok less of the girl) Thyre supposed to be teenagers/young adults. Its like Cyborg. hes a big guy in the comics, probably bigger than super man at his current age. and yet Nightwing was a fair bit bigger

  • Lightsource says:

    Guys, he uses a lot of the same tooling that the wave 3 Robin does but you’re all comparing him to the wrong Robin! Dick Grayson is the one that counts! But evenso, put Kid Flash next to Flash and he almost works — next to the other Titans he looks like he’s from another line. Shame too, since with Cyborg and Starfire we almost had a very cool Perez-Titans display going. He should be built like a teenager not an over-muscled 8 year-old. But it’s not the Horseman’s fault. There’s a Chinese guy working a Pantographer that needs to be smacked right about now. Where’s the Freakin’ Quality Control!

  • Affonso Carrasco says:

    Teen Titans are great idea. Put Cyborg side by side with Kid Flash.
    Wrong sizes, they do not match.

  • RedAl says:


  • batman1121 says:

    i just found kid flash at my local target. there was only one and he was the only figure from this wave but i scooped him up. he’s actually smaller than robin from wave 3

  • RedAl says:

    but..but…but robins smaller than he should be. Agreed he should be smaller but not THAT small >(

  • OnDebit says:

    Agreed, I hope that he’s the same size as the robin figure. But I’m getting him either way because Atom Smasher rocks!

  • douglashawk says:

    I hope he’s littler than the other figures. I don’t want a Kid Flash that’s an adult. I don’t want all my figures to be the same height.

  • Michael Schinke says:

    Give us a Dick Grayson Robin and we can start our very own classic Teen Titans sub-collection.

  • RedAl says:

    I hope this figure isnt as tiny as that Robin in wave 3

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