Wonder Woman pre-sales photos

These are the official pre-sales photos of Wonder Woman released by Mattel.

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  • peter says:

    her face looks a bit like megan fox!

  • TheFlashIII says:

    Overall, it’s a great representation, but shouldn’t the most powerful woman in the DC universe have a little bigger arms? My major cut on all the female figures is that they are so thin and delicate. They did do a nice job on her head, though.

  • ChristianNYC says:

    I bought two of these Wonder Woman figures. All I have to say she is near Perfect. I have the Terry Dodson figure which to me is the Perfect figure of all time!!

    But Mattel would be the second perfect figure of her of all time. She is ultra posable. She can cross her arms like to block bullets and she can put her arms outright if ypu wanted her to do the spin like on the tv series.

    Mattel keeps better and Better each time
    I wonder how great a Wonder Girl Cassie and Donna Troy would be done by them?/

  • douglashawk says:

    I love this figure but the articulation in her thighs looks strange. I think because it is supposed to be actual flesh and for me it looks like the rest of her legs have been surgically attached. I know – strange. Does anyone else see that too?

  • El Mateo says:

    Just picked up entire wave at my local Toys R Us, these are beautiful figures. This Wonder Woman is awesome.

  • Thomas says:

    Wow, this is the coolest Wonder Woman I have ever seen, But, with the 4H at the wheel I am not suprised!!!! They always make their female characters out of this world.

    The upcomming Masters of The Universe Classics line is reported to be in the same style and size as Mattel’s DC Universe. Also being sculpted bythe 4H

    After seeing this Wonder Woman sculpt, I have high expectations for She-Ra, Teela, Evil-Lyn, Sorceress, Queen MarlanaCatra and Shadow Weaver (hopefully) and the other Princess of Power Girls available to the MOTU Classics Line.

    Seriously this Wonder Woman is amazing

  • captainzero says:

    What a beautiful “take” on Wonder Woman. She’s beautiful. The Four Horsemen do a lot of great figures… this could be one of their best. Many of us worried what Diana would look like. We should have known she would end up looking Great under the skilled workmanship of the 4H.
    Thanks for another wonderful figure. She exceeded expectations. Just a beautiful “knock-out”!!

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