Amazo pre-sales photos

These are the official pre-sales photos of Amazo released by Mattel.

This figure will only be available exclusively through Wal*Mart.

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  • I hate exclusives says:

    Bravo Mattel for fixing a distribution mistake the thing is you keep making the same one’s

  • Captain Zero says:

    Yea,… he looks great!! I’ve wanted him for more decades than I’d like to recall. But he’s a “Wal-Mart exclusive”… and I can’t get him for the prices they are now asking. He…and other members of this wave were almost impossible to find. For me, it was impossible to find Amazo.
    Scalpers wanted too much…as did other sellers.
    Man, … what a “bum deal”.

    Still a great figure… wished I had him!!

  • This needs a re-release, or a reshipment back to Wal-Mart WITH THE BUILD A FIGURE included still.

  • I HATE exclusives. All it does is make it hard for the regular shopper to be able to complete a collection. The figures look nice, but it makes me slightly annoyed when I can not just go buy a figure at any of my regular stores, and not I have to keep hitting up Wal-Mart, and they had like one shipment of this wave, and dont seem to be getting more.

  • StrongGuy says:

    Got the figure for Christmas. Extremely disappointed because the figure is way too small. I understand they want to be cost effective when making these toys by reusing most off the body part molds, but its not like they won’t have other larger characters to make figures of.

  • RedAl says:

    Release dates?

  • DCO says:

    as to chris dude amazo isnt human he doesnt have nipples

  • Donald says:

    Great looking figure, but I do hope he has a few more of the items he’s usually seen with in the comics.

    It’s a shame that GL ring is better looking than the GL ring we had on the Hal Jordan figure from the Solomon Grundy set.

  • Amazo definitely looks AMAZING! Will he come with any accessories?

  • Chris says:

    hey, were are his nipples?

  • captainzero says:

    This was the “Classic” selection that is my favorite. Whoever made this choice made the right one. From the early days of JLA, he was one of their best villains. This sculpt makes him look like he could punch his way thru the entire JLA line-up … I’ll be so glad to get him.

  • captainzero says:

    Amazo is a great choice. He looks “bad” …as he should.
    Great figure. Great selection. Great sculpt.
    What can I say.?!! This DCUC line of Action Figures is the Greatest line ever!!
    Thanks to everyone involved.

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