Black Adam photos from NYCC 2009

These are photos of Black Adam taken at the Mattel booth during the recent New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2009.

Photos courtesy of Jason Geyer (a.k.a. ToyOtter) of

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  • Captain Zero says:

    Yea, he looks very good.
    Hope we get a Captain Marvel,Jr., Mary Marvel(classic red dress, please), and Shazam, the Wizard, too!!

  • L.G. says:

    AWESOME! but they should make him frowning like when he punched psycho pirates head through his skull, and he should be half an inch taller than everyone else. just muh opinion…

  • RedAl says:

    THANKGOD! with all the rumours of these babies being wal*mart exclusive I just had to hope and pray they wouldnt be, as im English…and yes i realise Americans couldnt get wave 5 either…BUT I found them up for pre-order so they must be “widely” stocked. Meaning still wont find them anywhere…

  • Traveller says:

    Not bad looks well built overall compared to some of the figures in the wave, like Black Canary for instance.

  • Templar says:

    Nice……Again, like with Capt. Marvel, I wish his sash & lightning symbol would have the same metallic paint as his forearms.
    Here’s hoping his eyebrow paint / rendering comes out nice on all his figures on the shelves!!!

  • ChristianNYC says:

    It seems like Mattel will definitely beat out DCD on action figures. He looks AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Caesar says:

    Uh-huh, the sash-tail (that is the thing on his belt right?) would looks great.

    Another thing, maybe the 4 Horsemen can make his eye looks colder, or make his face lokks more annoying. You guys know what i mean don’t you ?? 😀

  • Vincent McLean says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Matty. The Four Horsemen have conquered again! Now we just need Marry Marvel (regular and black-outfit variant) to complete the collection!

  • jon zipkin says:

    Nice, but a little wind blown sash-tail would make it better.

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