Black Adam pre-sales photos

Official pre-sales photos of Black Adam from Mattel.

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  • Andrew S. says:

    AWESOME AWESOME!!!! Whatelse can I say.

  • L.G. says:

    AWESOME! but they should make him frowning like when he punched psycho pirates head through his skull, and he should be half an inch taller than everyone else. just muh opinion…

  • BigBear Jahlon says:

    Yes, Black Adam is very much like Amazo, but so much cooler looking!!
    Can’t wait to own him so he can give SHAZAM some problems!!!!

  • Templar says:

    Almost the same sculpt as AMAZO in Wave 5, except for the boots……Can’t wait for Mary Marvel to be produced in this DCUC line – with the “bad” black-clad Mary as variant also ! Grrrrwwwwllllll!

  • Nemar Wells says:

    The best figure in this wave is Green Arrow, but for me Black Adam is where my interest is. He is the best EVER!!!

  • DeathFanBoy says:


    It couldn’t do th “Hand On Sash” pose properly, and his breast muscle ar too wide…

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