Chemo pre-sales photos

Official pre-sales photos of Chemo from Mattel.

Chemo is the “Collect & Connect” character for this wave.

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  • Jon says:

    When do we get the Metal Men??? (or Doom Patrol while I’m at it…)

  • RedAl says:

    look at his ickle hands…AWESOME

  • Caesar says:

    Great!! Love the translucent stuff..

    I hope Mattel can make him looks more translucent (very translucent, so that every thing behind him can be seen) and give some kind of bubble inside him (so that his body looks like a real glob of liquids, like a clear bright-green pudding; in my opinion that would be cool)

  • John Jones says:

    F@%#$*n a! thats SWEET. I love the translucence.

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