Deadshot pre-sales photos

Official pre-sales photos of Deadshot from Mattel.

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  • Nathaniel says:

    Anyone seen him yet? I have half of Wave nine (stupid split waves) but most of what I see in stores are waves 6-7. Or the ridiculous reprint figures.

  • John Jones says:

    It makes me want a Bane CNC. It really does. The Batman DCSH one is WAY too small. Which makes me want a Doomsday CNC because of height issues. And Darkseid.

    • D. Jan Hermes says:

      yea thats so true even in YouTube TheReviewSpot talked about it we need a Bane C&C for Wave 10 since Joker & Manbat will be there looks like the perfect Batman villain combination and I can’t wait for Kilowog C&C for Wave 11 oh and yes Darkseid will be perfect

      • Bane Fanboy says:

        Why would Bane be CNC? DCUC is based (mostly) around the comics, and Bane is perfectly human in the comics, not a giant (unlike, say, the version from “The Batman”). Even when he WAS on venom, he never reached Hulk-sized proportions, which WOULD require him to be a CNC figure. Bane’s a big guys and very muscular, but still within human boundaries, and his previous toy’s size and build captured just fine. Personally, I’d like to see a figure that reflects how he looks now, considering he hasn’t been addicted to venom since 1995. Use his last figure as a jumping off point, but give him better articulation in the arms and legs, and ditch the venom tube. Maybe then, along with Deadshot, we can eventually build a Secret Six team.

  • Andrew S. says:

    He is a must have. I will buy one for my collection.

  • xXFATEXx says:

    He Looks Really Cool. I’ll Try And Pick Him Up When He Comes Out

  • abazou says:

    great now we need catman, since we got parademon and deadshot 🙂

  • Palinore says:

    I think this figure looks fantastic. I hope this means that we’ll be seeing Catman in the near future, too!

  • supes says:

    I’m really exited for him he was the number one villain i wnted them to make

  • ted kord....THE BLUE BETTLE says:


  • Caesar says:

    Finally i can see this guy in 4Hmen style..
    Awesome figures..

  • Templar says:

    Man, the detailing on this guy is awesome! Love the hue of deep Red on him………another must-have figure, perfect complement to Deathstroke!

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