ETRIGAN – THE DEMON pre-sales photos

These are the official pre-sales photos released by Mattel.

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  • Captain Zero says:

    I was hoping we’d see THE DEMON’S variant by now.!!
    Anyway, this has been a wonderful line of some great action figures.
    Wave 16 is about to “drop”… and the line is as impressive as ever.!!
    Not only have I been hoping for The Demon’s variant,(more Kirby-like), but I’ve been hoping to see The GUARDIAN’s variant.
    Oh, and sure, the Simon and Kirby MANHUNTER and SANDMAN and SANDY!!
    The Bronze Age SANDMAN, (with Glob and Brute), the 1st Issue MANHUNTER, GREEN ARROW and SPEEDY….you know…the Kirby stuff.!!

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