The Collect & Connect figure for Wave 14 is Ultra-Humanite.

Ultra-Humanite stands approximately 8.7″ tall.


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  • captainzero says:

    It looks like the JSA has its work cut out for it with these two humongous villains to bring to justice. I think you’ve done a great job on both. The Ultra-Humanite looks great… and I like his snarling lip.
    Thank you for bring us this great villain.
    Being a typical fan, — I hope to see more JSA villains to compliment these two. I would especially like to see THE WIZARD, Icicle, the Brain Wave, and some of the other Injustice Society members. So, thanks for what we have… and we’re hoping for more villainous varmints. Great work by the 4Horsemen!! And Mattel.

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