Aquaman action photos

These photos of Aquaman in action were taken by Goldrich Castillo from his own collection.

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  • shadowboy_2099 says:

    oh, and bizarro…and nex wave we`ll have Sinestro too.

  • shadowboy_2099 says:

    So far we have those three, Black Manta, Grodd and Grundy plus Scarecrow and Luthor. I love this line

  • Shanks says:

    So far I have found Black Manta, Aquaman, Red and Blue Superman and Firestorm ( the Ronnie Raymond version ).

    All of the figures are great. I think Aquaman is my favorite with Black Manta a close second.

    So far , we have Black Manta, Gorilla Grodd and Solomon Grundy. Hmmm … are they going for the Legion of Doom here? Please say it is true!!!

  • Skullder says:

    I found the variant Aquaman at my Target (in Northern CA) over the weekend. He looks great, but I can’t wait to get the classic one too!

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