HARLEY QUINN in package

These in-package photos of Harley Quinn were provided to us by Mattel.

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  • She is possibly my least favorite figure from this line. She has problems standing up, and her waist wont support her top. Nice sculpt for the look, and I bought her to complete the collection.

  • BatFan01 says:

    I finally found Harley 2 days after Christmas at a Target in the suburbs north of of Kansas City, Mo. Wave 5 was in Wal-Marts in the area 3 days before Christmas. Way to go Mattel! I know the Midwest is like shipping to Mars but we sure have plenty of Ben 10 toys hanging on the pegs.

  • guy says:

    get this…I finally picked her up at target this morning. lol, day after xmas and the target in the east bay CA finally has wave 2. its like living in a foreign country. AMERICAN TOYS, WOW!!!

  • Aaron says:

    Poor poor Harley she has absolutely no respect for wild animals especially talking ones. I wonder what she did with his arms and legs!

  • Andrew says:

    Great idea posing her atop the Grodd torso. As if Harley would stand a chance against him! Well, you never know. It’s when you underestimate these physchos that they get the upper hand.

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