SUPERMAN BLUE in package

These in-package photos of Superman Blue were provided to us by Mattel.

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  • joe stilwell says:

    love it love it love it im a sups fanatic and i say a ok to tha blue suit and am excited about tha new line just a thought do like tha super powers line and have a mail in clark keny or lois lane

  • Skullder says:

    I’m loving the lightning effect on both Blue and Red Superman. just adding those really stepped it up another level for me. Awesome!

  • Aaron says:

    Hey supes does that face paint come off. this looks pretty sweet as well, but I must say that I like the red one better Because in the total jutice series that came out years ago I had the choice of buying either the red one or the blue one. AND I chose the blue one. Now I can finally get the red supes or maybe the blue one. Oh NOT AGAIN. I just settle for both.

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