SUPERMAN RED pre-sales photo

This is the official pre-sales photo of Superman Red released by Mattel.

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  • Andrew S. says:

    WOW!!! Need to get this one along with the BLUE ONE.

  • Templar says:

    Almost looks like MAJESTIC…….ALMOST! Although I never cared for this RED/BLUE era of Supes, I sort of like the white line design on the costume no matter what color you pick……Imagine if the base color was black or a darker Navy blue like what he wore on Kingdom Come, then with a normal flesh colored face & black hair? I’d still probably buy that variant …………

  • m says:

    not to mention he was purple translucent, almost like the variant of the ml wonderman, but much cooler

  • mike says:

    They so need to make a Hard light version as well.for all you who dont know, he was like this version but purple, and had a skull logo on the chest,,, very bad ass

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